i-Sight helps companies conduct better investigations.

i-Sight helps companies conduct better investigations. Since 1999 we have been providing case management solutions to help organizations all over the world adopt a consistent, streamlined approach to managing their investigations. Our web-based case management software simplifies investigations with a centralized, workflow-driven solution for tracking cases, managing evidence and reporting on results in a secure and reliable environment.

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Intake That Captures Every Incident

i-Sight provides a single intake portal for complaints and incident reports from all sources, including online forms, hotlines and other sources. This ensures a consistent approach to information gathering and case management.

Case Management Software Never Sleeps

Investigations aren’t always conducted inside an office or during office hours. Because i-Sight is web-based and optimized for mobile, it’s accessible 24/7 from any device, anywhere there’s an internet connection. And i-Sight allows team members to collaborate in real time, with role-defined access to case information. An update posted by an investigator in the field is immediately accessible to other colleagues working on the case and to supervisors who can monitor the progression of cases.

Investigation Reports at Your Fingertips

Investigators love i-Sight’s one-click investigation report generation feature. With the click of a mouse, all case information can be exported into a professional, comprehensive investigation report that looks great and stands up to scrutiny.

Robust Reporting Provides the Big Picture

i-Sight’s powerful reporting feature is considered to be the best in its class. Comprehensive aggregate reports can be generated quickly in 44 different formats, using a simple drag-and-drop function, providing deep insight into trends, risks and opportunities. Automated distribution of reports provides executive-level managers the information they need for performance analysis and decisions, and makes you look like a star.