Joe Gerard

VP Sales & Marketing

Spend my days showing off the i-Sight investigative case management software and finding ways to help clients improve their investigations. Usually working with corporate security, HR & employee relations, compliance and legal teams.


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  • anti-corruption

    DOJ Warns Against Changes to Anti-corruption Legislation

    While other countries step up anti-corruption efforts in anticipation of the UK Bribery Act coming into force next month, the DOJ is taking a stand against wate...

  • China

    Chinese Claims Flood Bribery Reporting Site

    Following India’s successful launch of anti-corruption website last year, China has launched eight similar sites, eliciting a deluge of briber...

  • Bottom Line

    3 Ways a Values Statement Helps Boost Your Bottom Line

    Don't overlook this powerful tool to improve the way your company does business....

  • UK Bribery Act

    Simple How-to Guide for the UK Bribery Act

    The Law Society of England and Wales has released a practice note outlining, in clear and simple terms, how to comply with the new UK Bribery Act....

  • Hackers

    Genius Hackers Are After Your Data

    Hackers who breached the Citigroup web site and broke into the bank’s vast reservoir of personal financial data, succeeded in one of the most sophisticated an...

  • Whiteboard Wednesday Video

    Whiteboard Wednesday: Find Information Quickly with Case Management Software

    Sifting through piles of notes, evidence and other pieces of an investigation to find what you’re looking for can be time consuming- not to mention, frustrati...

  • Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton on the Impact of Bribery

    At the recent African Growth and Opportunity Forum, Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a speech on the impact of bribery....

  • Health-Care-Fraud-pic.

    New Tool to Combat Health Care Fraud

    Health care fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem with implications that go way beyond the financial damage it inflicts upon the system and its victims. ...

  • Canadian Law

    Canadian Tribunal Handles First Whistleblower Case

    For the first time since it came into existence 4 years ago, the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal is finally handling its first case....

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law: What You Need to Know

    As government agencies crackdown over various laws in the US, employers need to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to comply with some very important em...

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