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A source of struggle for many HR and investigation teams is the ability to create consistent investigation reports. With investigators located in various parts of the world, streamlining the reporting process is increasingly difficult.

A lot of people contact us asking for an investigation report template. In response to these inquiries, we have developed an Investigation Report Template document available for download. The template mirrors the report output generated by i-Sight’s drag and drop report writer. The template can also be used by investigators or HR personnel looking for an investigation report template in which they can input their own investigative information.

A source of struggle for many HR and investigation teams is the ability to create consistent investigation reports. With investigators located in various parts of the world, streamlining the reporting process is increasingly difficult. Consistent reports help investigators reduce the amount of time spent preparing reports and increases the accuracy of the information included in the report.

Another issue many HR departments and investigation units run into is finding a reporting solution that can be built around an organization’s unique processes. Organizations vary in many ways, including structure, processes and the terminology used throughout the company. i-Sight is a fully customizable case management solution that’s built to suit the needs of any organization. Chances are, investigators won’t adopt a case management solution if it’s difficult to use or includes different terminologies than those used in the workplace.

Investigation Reports Made Easy

Investigation Report Template Free Download

A ready-to-use template to guide you through the investigation report writing process.

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One of the reasons Underwriters Laboratories selected i-Sight Case Management Solution was the customized reporting capabilities of the system:

“The flexible software is configured with terminology and categories that match UL’s specific processes, and templates for letters and reports with the UL branding. Customized reporting with i-Sight provides insight, enabling UL to improve processes and make better decisions.”

Gary Griffith of the West Virginia Insurance Commission Fraud Unit selected i-Sight for a number of reasons, including the simplicity and accuracy of creating investigation reports with i-Sight:

“Accuracy is another important consideration. ‘In the past, the lead investigator or somebody else would have had to sit down and manually go through all of the information in a file in order to write up a summary. It was very, very time-consuming, which meant that people often got frustrated and took shortcuts. With i-Sight, you just press a button and the system spits out a complete written report. It saves a lot of man-hours and eliminates duplication of effort. And the final result is more accurate.’”

Investigation Report Template Overview

Here is a brief overview of the different categories and information included in the investigation report template. When using i-Sight Investigation Software, customized investigation reports are generated in minutes, as investigation information is pulled from the case file. If choosing to use the template as a resource and enter information manually, here’s a complete resource to ensure each report is completed in a consistent manner.

Case Information

Case information- case number, referral source, subject details and allegation description, are pulled from the case file stored in i-Sight and into the investigation report template.

Investigation Plan

Includes a brief statement regarding the scope of the investigation. This statement usually involves the medium through which the complaint or issue was raised and the objective of the investigation.

Case Notes

By recording notesin an organized way throughout the investigative process, preparation of the final investigation report is easier and faster than ever before. This section contains a chronological list of the actions taken by an investigator throughout the investigation.

Interview Summaries

Pulls interview date, location, and names of the interviewer and interviewee from the case file for each investigation. The information is compiled into a list, where each interview is placed in a category, such as complainant, subject, witness and referral source.

Interview Reports

This section includes the information from the interview summaries, as well as a credibility assessment of the individual interviewed and an overview of the investigation interview.

Exhibit List

Pulls the type and description of evidence/exhibits from the case file and lists them in the “Exhibit List” section of the investigation report. This section provides those reviewing the report to see the various types of evidence collected throughout the investigation- e-mails, video, audio recordings, investigation interviews, employee performance reports and other evidence relevant to each case.


This section communicates the credibility of the allegation as well as suggestions for reprimand if required. If reprimanding the subject is suggested, investigators can include reasoning for their decision based on information presented in the case.


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Article Published October 19, 2010

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