Weekly Roundup 25

Weekly Roundup

Our first weekly roundup for 2012 is here!

We hope 2012 has been treating everyone well so far.  Here’s a look at a few of the HR, employment law, investigation, ethics and compliance articles that caught our attention this week:

Employment Law:

Pennsylvania and Federal Employment Law in 2012: Philip Miles, Lawffice Space, shares a few things on the employment law horizon in 2012.

Resolve this year to properly handle no-fault attendance policies: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, explains why disciplining or firing disabled employees under a no-fault policy can be a costly error.

While You Were Out: Mark Toth, Manpower Employment Blawg, shares some employment law updates that some may have missed over the holidays.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

This is why HR should timely document employee issues: Eric Meyer, The Employer Handbook, looks at the importance of documenting employee issues and why time matters.

10 Social Media Law & Governance Resolutions for 2012: Glen Gilmore, Glen Gilmore & Social Media, shares 10 tips (and a bonus one) for effectively managing social media in the workplace.


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The difficult task of assessing whether an employee is telling the truth in an interview: Michael P. Maslanka, Work Matters, takes a look at how to detect whether or not an employee is lying to you.

The Seven Hard Truths That HR Professionals Must Learn to Accept: Tim Sackett, TLNT, sheds some light on 7 hard truths for HR pros.

Ethics and Compliance:

Obeying the Law is Hard: Chris MacDonald, The Business Ethics Blog, explains why it isn’t easy for companies to follow the law.

Corporate Enforcement Since 2006 : Richard Cassin, FCPA Blog, looks at the number of companies and the penalties paid in corporate enforcement cases from 2006 to present.

Ten Compliance Issues from 2011: Tom Fox, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, shares his top 10 anti-corruption and anti-bribery issues from 2011.

The FCPA and Wiretaps: Michael Volkov, Corruption, Crime and Compliance, discusses how it’s only a matter of time before an FCPA is prosecuted using wiretaps.

Information Security:

How to Enforce Your Mobile Policy: Jeffrey Roman, Gov Info Security, gets an expert opinion on effectively enforcing your organization’s mobile policy.

How to prevent internal data breaches: ComputerWeekly.com sheds some light on how data breaches happen and what can be done to prevent them.


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Article Published January 6, 2012

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