Weekly Roundup 27

Weekly Roundup

A roundup of HR, employment law, investigation, compliance and security blog posts that have caught our attention this week.

I wanted to take a second to remind everyone that we will be hosting a webinar on Thursday January 26th at 2pm. The webinar will focus on properly gathering social media evidence so that it’s usable in court. Benjamin Wright, Texas attorney and Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute will be our presenter. You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

And now, on with our weekly roundup:

Employment Law:

Clearing a path to complain is a key part of any harassment policy: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, explains why employees need to know how to file complaints – and who to complaint to – in the workplace.

Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks: Learning from Pepsi’s $3,000,000 Mistake: Jason Shinn, Michigan Employment Law Advisor, shares some key lessons learned from Pepsi’s race discrimination settlement with the EEOC.

Whose Account Is It Anyway?: Michael Schmidt, Social Media Employment Law Blog, looks at some of the reasons why your company should consider creating policies and agreements that address social media account ownership and access issues.

Employment Law Blog Carnival, Chinese New Year Edition: Robin E. Shea, Employment & Labor Insider, hosts the January edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

PA remains a hotbed of social-media discovery disputes: Eric Meyer, The Employer Handbook, discusses some of the decisions made in recent cases involving disputes over social media discovery.

Investigation Interviews: A Best Practices Guide

The Investigation Interviews Best Practices Guide helps investigators get the most out of investigation interviews.

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Field Tested-Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Veterans: Ben Eubanks, upstartHR, shares some key takeaways from the book “Field Tested – Recruiting, Managing and Retaining Veterans”.

Are Employers Facing Tougher Regulatory Times This Year?: John Hollon, TLNT, talks about the increase in workplace regulations and how the trend will continue in 2012.

America is Stressed: Five Tips to Help Your Employees Prevent the Effects of Workplace Stress: Persis Swift, Workplace Insights, shares some findings from the American Psychology Association’s “Stress in America” survey and offers some tips employers can use to help employees manage stress.

Ethics and Compliance:

Sustaining Your FCPA Compliance Program: Six Key Principles: Tom Fox, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, on 6 ways to sustain the momentum of your company’s compliance program.

Crowd To Congress: Hands Off The FCPA: Richard Cassin, FCPA Blog, reports on the fight against the US Chamber of Commerce’s efforts  to amend the FCPA.

Healthcare Providers, Telecom (And Other SOE) Employees, Veterinarians, And Liquor Store Employees – The “Foreign Officials” Of 2011: Mike Koehler, FCPA Professor, describes the “foreign officials” from corporate FCPA enforcement actions in 2011.

Information Security:

Corporate Mobile Device Usage & Security Risks Rising, Report: Jim Tanous, The Mac Observer, reports on the findings from a recent Dimensional Research report, which shows that mobile devices have brought forth a new wave of security risks and concerns.

Zappos Breach: 8 Lessons Learned: Mathew J. Schwartz, InformationWeek, writes about the lessons we can learn from last week’s breach at Zappos.

Time to come clean about the state of our security: David Lacey, David Lacey’s IT Security Blog (ComputerWeekly.com), talks about how security is difficult, expensive and full of holes.


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Article Published January 20, 2012

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