Weekly Roundup 29

Weekly Roundup

Employment law, HR, information security, compliance and investigation articles and blog posts.

Here’s a look at some of the HR, employment law, compliance, security and investigation articles we’ve read this week:

Employment Law:

Trying to make sense of the NLRB’s lastest social media missive? Good luck!: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, shares some key takeaways for employers from the NLRB’s latest social media report.

DOL Proposes New FMLA Regs: Philip Miles, Lawffice Space, provides us with the major provisions and links to the new FMLA regulations proposed by the Department of Labor.

Quarterly Employment Litigation Index: Mark Toth, ManpowerGroup Employment Blawg, shares some of the findings from a recent poll where webinar attendees were asked about whether or not they see an increase in employment law claims, as well as the employment laws that give them the biggest headache.

Monitoring and Accessing Employee Private Email Results in Lawsuit: Jason Shinn, Michigan Employment Law Advisor, shares some advice for employers and employees when it comes to monitoring employee emails.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

The Role of HR in an Evolving Workplace: Mike Grindell, HR Ringleader, writes about the role HR leaders play in today’s new work environment.

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 Ongoing Training Helps Managers Reach Success: Persis Swift, Workplace Insights, discusses the importance of ongoing managerial training and offers a few different training methods to suit a variety of budgets.

Courtroom Lessons for the Business Owner/Employer: Rob Radcliff, Smooth Transitions Blog, shares some thoughts  on what business owners/employers should consider when evaluating the pros/cons of going to trial.

Motivating Workers: You Can Learn a Lot From 18th Century Sailors: David Sneed, TLNT, talks about some of the lessons that sailors have taught us about motivating employees.

Ethics and Compliance:

Apollo 1 and a Compliance Dozen – How to Design a Program for Foreign Business Partners: Tom Fox, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, discusses a 12 point evaluation process for reviewing, assessing, then contracting with and managing foreign business partners.

Reducing C-Level Risk In Compliance Land: David Riker, FCPA Blog, shares a 5 question reality check for senior executives who don’t think they need to worry about their personal exposure to the FCPA.

Will the Bribery Act prevent us from entering new markets? Your questions answered. By Peter Lloyd CEO Mabey Group: Peter Lloyd, thebriberyact.com, answers a question regarding whether or not the Bribery Act prevents UK companies from entering new markets.

Information Security:

Security culture begins at the top: Wayne Chung, CSO Online (Australia), talks about the importance of a strong security culture at the top of your organization.

10 Tips for Offsite Meeting Security: Joan Goodchild, CIO India, addresses the security concerns surrounding offsite events and meetings.


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Article Published February 3, 2012

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