Weekly Roundup 30

Weekly Roundup

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Now, on with our weekly roundup:

Employment Law:

The so-called “privacy” of employee emails: Eric Meyer, The Employer Handbook, suggests that employers have a computer-use policy stating that employees should have no reasonable expectation of privacy when using company computers or email.

PA Court Weighs in on Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Philip Miles, Lawffice Space, discusses the importance of correctly classifying those who work for your organization.

Business Is Booming . . . for the EEOC, Anyway: Molly DiBianca, The Delaware Employment Law Blog, writes about the amount (and types) of claims the EEOC received in 2011.

Five Steps to Diminish Wage & Hour Problems: Michael Haberman, Omega HR Solutions Blog, shares a list of things he feels may help avoid a wage and hour investigation.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

Train, Transfer, or Terminate: What To Do About Employee Misconduct?: Marylee Abrams, Minnesota Labor & Employment Law Blog, discusses what employers can do about employees behaving badly.

The Economics of Internal Investigations

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Retaliation Redux: Two cases that should scare employers a lot: Robin E. Shea, Employment & Labor Insider, shares two recent court decisions that reiterate the importance of being very, very, VERY careful about actually or even giving the appearance of retaliating against employees.

What Obama Should Do About Workplace Discrimination: M.V. Lee Badgett, The New York Times Opinion Pages, writes about workplace discrimination and why Obama should make sure that taxpayer dollars aren’t used to support businesses that engage in discriminatory activities.

The Top 30 Most Common (and Critical) Interview Problems: Dr.John Sullivan, TLNT, shares a list of common interview problems.

Ethics and Compliance:

‘We Have To Fight Corruption, Or It Will Defeat Us’: Benjamin Kessler, FCPA Blog, shares an interview with Hughette Labelle, Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International, on fighting corruption.

Complying With The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Practical Primer: Mike Koehler, The FCPA Professor, discusses a primer on complying with the FCPA that was released by the ABA Criminal Justice Section’s Global Anti-Corruption Task Force.

A $1.7 Billion Fraud Born of Earnings Management and a Poor Ethical Culture: Sheila Keefe, ACFE Insights, writes about the Olympus fraud, which was discovered when outgoing CEO Michael Woodford blew the whistle.

Information Security:

EU to Stengthen Its Cybersecurity Watchdog: Jennifer Baker, PCWorld writes about a push to strengthen the EU’s cybersecurity watchdog.

Twelve Security Best Practices for USB Drives: Ondrej Krehel, Infosec Island, offers 12 USB security tips.


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Article Published February 10, 2012

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