Weekly Roundup 32

Weekly Roundup

Our weekly roundup includes a series of HR, employment law, compliance, investigation and security articles that grabbed our attention this week.

It’s Friday, which means that another edition of the i-Sight Investigation Blog Weekly Roundup is here! Take a look at some of the articles we’ve read this week:

Employment Law:

NLRB refuses to expand representation rights to non-union employees during investigatory interviews: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, discusses the NLRB’s Acting General Counsel’s attempt to expand Weingarten rights to non-unionized employees.

Office Analysis & Contest: Mark Toth, The ManpoweGroup Employment Blawg, offers a critique of each episode of “The Office” from an employment lawyer’s perspective.

Has the Expanded Definition of Disability under the ADAA Gone Too Far?: Russell Cawyer, Texas Employment Law Update, looks at the expanded definition of “disability” under the ADAA.

“Linsanity” for Employers to Fail to Post Required Notices: Daniel Schwartz, Connecticut Employment Law Blog, writes about the importance on complying with posting requirements.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

Offboarding Is Just As Important As Onboarding: Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender, explains the valuable role played by an organization’s former employees and why an employee’s experience once they give their notice is just as important as the experience they encountered when they walked in the door on their first day.

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Trends in Pregnancy Discrimination and Caregiver Issues: Stephanie Thomas, The Proactive Employer, discusses the recent EEOC meeting on pregnancy discrimination, which is the focus of this week’s edition of The Proactive Employer Podcast.

HR Roundtable: What Hinders Effective Training & Development?: Steve Browne, TLNT, shares 6 things that put a damper on training and development.

Employer Social Media Could Save US Companies $370 Billion in 2012: Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs, talks about the benefits of using an employee social network.

Ethics and Compliance:

Code of Conduct – The Cornerstone of Your FCPA Compliance Program: Tom Fox, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, explains what should be included in a company’s code of conduct.

Business Ethics & Pride in a Job Well Done: Chris MacDonald, The Business Ethics Blog, shares a story about the motivation to do a good job.

Four Plead Guilty In GBP16 Million Bribery Case: Samuel Rubenfeld, Corruption Currents, writes about the ending of a decade-long investigation that resulted in four guilty pleas.

Information Security:

How to Build Multiple Layers of Security for Your Small Business: Paul Mah, CIO, shares a checklist of things to do when deploying a multi-faceted security strategy.

Scamming the scammers – catching the virus call centre scammers red-handed: Troy Hunt, writes about an encounter with a virus call centre scammer – and how he scammed them.

Why Are Executive More Prone to Accept Risks?: Lenny Zeltser, Lenny Zeltser on Information Security, shares some survey results that explain why executives are more prone to accept risks.


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Article Published February 24, 2012

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