Weekly Roundup 36

Weekly Roundup

A series of HR, employment law, compliance and investigation articles.

Check out some of the HR, compliance, employment law and investigation articles we’ve read this week:

Employment Law:

Saved by the Employment Law Blog Carnival: Philip Miles, Lawffice Space, hosts this month’s edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival.

When drafting harassment policies, don’t forget about disabilities: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, explains why your company’s harassment policy must account for all types of harassment – not just sexual harassment.

Information Privacy 4: New Laws and Issues: Heather Bussing, HRExaminer, discusses information privacy laws and issues.

15 New California Employment Laws Effective in 2012: Ari Rosenstein, CPEhr’s Small Biz HR Blog, put together a brief overview of some of the changes to California labor laws.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

How To Train Your Team On Zero Budget: Trish McFarlane, HR Ringleader, offers some ideas on how to train your team members will little (or no) budget.

The Economics of Internal Investigations

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Of Muppets and Men – How Will Your Goldman Sachs Social Media Nightmare be Told?: Jason Shinn, Michigan Employment Law Advisor, uses Greg Smith’s departure from Goldman Sachs as a reminder to employers that they need to have a strong response system in place.

The Lesson of Tebow: Sometimes, You Need to Get Rid of Your Favorites: Tim Sackett, TLNT, uses the Tim Tebow story to explain what to do when you have a chance to bring in superior talent that replaces an employee favorite.

Ethics and Compliance:

UK Suspicious Activity Reports: Some facts & figures: Barry & Richard, thebriberyact.com, discuss the number of “suspicious activity” reports that were made to the UK authorities in 20120/2011.

The Ideal Compliance Team: Matt Ellis, FCPAméricas, shares a list of the types of people you need to have on your compliance team.

The BizJet DPA: Cooperation is the Key: Tom Fox, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog,  uses the BizJet case to show that going to the DOJ, making a voluntary disclosure and cooperating in an investigation has it’s advantages.

Information Security:

15 Unsafe Security Practices That Lead to Data Breaches: Ondrej Krehel, Identity Theft 911 Blog, lists some of the common practices that have led to a number of data loss incidents.

IT Professionals Lack Confidence in the Security of Their Systems: Meridith Levinson, CIO, shares the results from a recent survey of IT professionals.

Gaining Network Visibility and Understanding: W. Mark Brooks explains the importance of seeing and understanding normal vs. nefarious activity in order to effectively manage information risks.


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Article Published March 23, 2012

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