Weekly Roundup 40

Weekly Roundup

A look at some of the HR, employment law, investigation, compliance and security articles that caught our eye this week.

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And now, on with our weekly roundup:

Employment Law:

NJ Court: Even Erroneous Discrimination Is Discriminatory: Joe Palazzolo, WSJ Law Blog, shares an interesting case about discrimination based on a mistaken belief.

Even a voluntary demotion can lead to a retaliation claim: Eric Meyer, The Employer Handbook, writes about an interesting retaliation case.

More social media woes: employee fired for “liking” gay Facebook page: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, writes about a case involving an employee that was fired for liking the the “Two Dads” page on Facebook.

Enforcement, Enforcement, Enforcement: Mark Toth, ManpowerGroup Employment Blawg, talks about the enforcement agendas of the DOL, EEOC and DOJ, and why now is not the time to risk violating the law.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

56% Employees Won’t Work at Company Who Blocks Social Media: Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs, shares an infographic and some interesting stats about social media use in the workplace.

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To Handbook or Not to Handbook: Casey Sipe, The Employer’s Lawyer, explains the importance of employee handbooks and reinforces the main purpose for having a handbook in the first place.

Strategic Use of Social Media in Your Organization: Live from the Conference Board: Trish McFarlane, HR Ringleader, discusses some of the key components of a social media strategy that were shared during a session at the Social Media for HR event hosted by The Conference Board.

Ethics & Compliance

Archiving your Social Media…: Allie Philpin, Enterprise Communications, explains the importance of archiving social media data for e-discovery purposes.

D&O and FCPA: What underwriters should know about assessing corruption risk: Matt Ellis, FCPAméricas Blog, writes about D&O liability insurance and offers some advice to underwriters on assessing corruption risk.

London Calling: The Olympics and Corporate Hospitality under the UK Bribery Act: Tom Fox, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, writes about corporate hospitality at the upcoming Olympic Summer Games in London.

Information Security:

10 Ways to Handle Insider Threats: Mary Rose Maguire, State of Security, shares 10 things you can do to handle insider security threats.

From Fraud to Infosec and Vice Versa… Part 1: Neira Jones examines the connection between infosec and fraud.


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Article Published April 20, 2012

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