Weekly Roundup 9

Weekly Roundup

Articles and blog posts that cover a wide range of issues in HR, employment law, compliance and ethics and information security.

A look back at some of the ethics and compliance, human resources, employment law and security articles that have caught our attention this week. Enjoy!

Ethics and Compliance:

On the right TRACK: New UN anti-corruption tool: Richard & Barry, thebriberyact.com, discusses a new web-based anti-corruption portal known as TRACK (Tools and Resources for Anti-Corruption Knowledge), which was launched by the United Nations.

What Do We Mean By Business Ethics?: Jeffrey M. Kaplan, The FCPA Blog, provides an in depth description of business ethics.

A High Priority: Insider Trading Compliance: Michael Volkov, White Collar Defense & Compliance, sheds some light on the importance of insider trading compliance.

Human Resources/Employee Relations:

NLRB Slams Non-Union Firm for Firing Employees Over Facebook Comments: Eric B. Meyer, TLNT, reports on another case of employees being fired for Facebook comments, and the outcome of the case.

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Workplace Lessons For Success From Dr. Seuss: Trish McFarlane, HR Ringleader, shares a few lessons from Dr.Seuss about diversity, work/life balance, involvement and learning and development.

Non-Competes: You’re a Sucker If You Don’t Think They Apply To HR: Kris Dunn, The HR Capitali$t, talks about the importance of getting top members of your HR team to sign non-compete agreements.

Employment Law:

Pregnancy as disability discrimination: New ADA vs. Old ADA: Jon Hyman, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, reminds employers that the rules for handling all employee medical conditions—including pregnancy—have radically changed.

Firing for ‘just cause’ trickier than it seems: Stuart Rudner, The Lawyers Weekly, sheds some light on the challenges of determining whether or not just cause for dismissal exists.

How To Handle Non-Sexual Harassment And A Hostile Workplace: Law Firm of Kesluk & Silverstein, californialaborlawattorney.com, discusses how to handle various types of harassment in the workplace.


Getting employees on your side to improve Web security: Kevin Beaver, Acunetix, discusses some tips for getting your employees on your side to improve web security.

Hacking Fears Prompt Workplace Social Media Ban: Ben Rooney, Tech Europe (The Wall Street Journal), reports on the results of a Work Life Web 2011 report, published by Clearswift, which shows an increasing number of companies clamping down on employees using sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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Article Published September 9, 2011

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