3 Roadblocks to an Ethical Culture

It can be tough to maintain an ethical workplace.

Posted by Lindsay Khan in Article on August 11th, 2011
It can be tough to maintain an ethical workplace. Over time, small, insignificant activities can add up and take a toll on the culture you’ve worked hard to build within your organization. In an article on TLNT, Lance Haun shares three things that can lead to an ethical breakdown in your organization:

  1. It must be clear — 60 plus pages may sound impressive but only when they have to literally throw the book at you. Ethics should be clear, there should be no wiggle room, and there should be no excuse why a person couldn’t read and clearly understand it in a few minutes.
  2. There must be reminders — Even when a policy is clear (like the university’s is about cheating), you still see a high percentage of people ignore it when convenient. When faced with major decisions, a reminder about the code of ethics can be imperative to preventing some who would otherwise look to unethical action.
  3. Look out for culture creep — Slowly but surely, Ariely’s class turned into a place where ethical decisions were unclear. It started with an occasional flip over to Facebook (even though he asked at the beginning not to do so) and continued to grow from there. A culture of unethical behavior doesn’t come and go quickly.

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