Webinar: An Investigator’s Guide to Searching Court Records

Investigator’s Guide to Searching Court Records

The ability to search and discover court records is an essential skill for any investigator working in the US or gathering information on US subjects. Both criminal and civil court records can contain valuable information about a subject’s location, pending actions, marital status, sources of funds, financial condition, litigation history and outstanding judgments.

But because there are many sources for court records, searching them is far from simple. Some investigators mishandle this task and miss essential information that may provide critical details that could impact the length, efficiency and outcome of their investigations. It’s a matter of knowing what to look for and where to look.

Brian Willingham, expert investigator and founder of Diligentia Group, outlines the intricacies of mining for court records.

The webinar reviews:

  • The complexities of the US court system
  • Common mistakes and misunderstandings about court records
  • Types of information you can find and where to find it
  • Best practices for identifying and obtaining court documents

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About Brian Willingham

Brian Willingham is a private investigator and founder of Diligentia Group, a boutique investigative firm dedicated to providing law firms, financial institutions and decision makers with comprehensive background investigations, due diligence investigations and legal investigation services.

Diligentia tackles investigations of all sorts, including asset tracing, international and domestic due diligence background investigations, vetting of Board members and senior executives, complex litigation support, pre-employment background checks and witness interviews for civil or criminal litigation, providing clients with information that will help them to make informed decisions or avoid costly ones. Brian is a prolific blogger and contributor to industry magazines and publications including Pursuit Magazine and ACFE Insights.

Published February 7, 2014