How Ethical Companies Prevent HR Issues

Research shows that ethical companies perform better, have fewer incidents and experience less misconduct. When your company’s day to day procedures are centered around ethics, employees are more likely to behave ethically. In this collection of resources, you’ll find ideas and tips on how you can establish core values and a culture of ethics that prevent harassment, discrimination and other misconduct.

Ethics at the Top: How the C-Suite Affects Company Culture

When senior management behaves ethically and commits to a fair, honest workplace, lower-level employees should follow suit.

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core values exercises cheat sheet

Core Values Exercises Cheat Sheet

Clearly-defined core values help guide employee behavior by simplifying your company’s ethical standards. This cheat sheet includes six easy exercises you can do to define your organization’s core values.

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Shelves of other forms and templates

53 Key Sections of an Employee Handbook (and Other Helpful Tips)

Including ethics into every part of your employee handbook shows the importance of ethical behavior at your company. This article’s tips and sample text can help you draft a thorough, brand-appropriate handbook.

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Workplace Ethics: How to Tackle the Small Lapses and Avoid a Company Crisis

Failing to address small ethics lapses, such as gossip or a lewd joke, can allow issues to escalate into harassment, discrimination or other disasters. Watch this webinar to learn how to detect these problems early and prevent future incidents.

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Incorporate Ethics Company-Wide to Prevent Misconduct

Tips for Integrating Ethics

Policies and Procedures Template

When you integrate ethics into your day-to-day operations, employees are more likely to behave according to your standards. Use this free template to draft your internal policies and procedures, weaving your core values into each one.

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ethics hotline

5 Ways to Ensure Your Ethics Hotline is Successful

An ethics hotline can help you uncover HR incidents and misconduct that slipped under your radar. Here’s how to get the most out of your internal reporting mechanisms.

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Ethics in the Workplace: 5 Steps to Create a Culture of Ethics, Compliance and Accountability

Workplace ethics can be confusing and complex. This webinar outlines five ways HR staff can foster a culture of ethics and drive organizational change to prevent incidents.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Human Resource Risk Management

Well-designed training, careful hiring practices and strong employee relations are just some of the things HR can do to reduce misconduct and other issues.

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