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i-Sight for its reliability, security and ease-of-use


Why Everyone Loves 
the i-Sight Solution

Our customers love our ability to solve their problems. i-Sight streamlines investigations and eliminates time wasted on administrative tasks. Our customers have come to rely on i-Sight to keep their investigations on track, organized and documented, and they love our powerful reporting tool that gives them valuable insight into their operations.

Some of our customers have been with us since our first version of i-Sight in 1999, choosing to renew our contractual relationship at the end of every renewal period. Many of our customers have augmented their first i-Sight system with additional solutions to manage investigations and complaints in other areas of their businesses. This long-term loyalty says a lot about how we treat our customers, and our core company values: empathy and teamwork.

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Customer Testimonials

Here is what our clients are saying:

“The reporting tools within i-Sight will make it easier for staff to analyze data and detect patterns of fraud and abuse that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.”

Workers Compensation Commission

“Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find information and can generate letters and reports quickly and consistently.”

Underwriters Laboratories

“The i-Sight solution streamlines our operations because it automatically assigns a case number and allows us to quickly assign files out to individual investigators.”

Renwick Group

“The people at i-Sight are great. The implementation process they follow is very clear and logical, they give you realistic deadlines and their staff do an excellent job.”

Tropical Surveillance

“With i-Sight, our investigations proceed more efficiently, our clients get better information and our senior management is better informed.”


“Our project manager called them the best vendor he has ever dealt with. The support he has received from the i-Sight team is amazing.”

Enbridge Gas
i-Sight Fact

i-Sight users save a combined total of 2,400,000 hours annually

Investigation Solutions

Human Resources →

i-Sight’s solutions for human resources ensure every complaint is investigated according to HR best practices. Our customers love the time savings they realize with i-Sight, and the bulletproof documentation that ensures they are compliant with employments laws governing employee investigations. Read our case studies to see why companies love i-Sight’s HR investigation software solutions.

Health & Safety →

i-Sight’s health and safety incident tracking software helps companies investigate occupational health and safety incidents thoroughly and document the process in compliance with OSHA regulations. Our customers love i-Sight’s guided workflow and powerful summary reports that provide insight into problem areas so that they can focus efforts on prevention of health and safety incidents.

Corporate Security →

Customers who use i-Sight to manage corporate security investigations reduce their risk of loss and exposure by streamlining their investigative processes and generating useful data that helps them to analyze trends and mitigate risk. Our customers are able to reduce the number and severity of corporate security incidents through prevention efforts based on the intelligence they get from their i-Sight reports.

Brand Protection →

Customers using i-Sight to manage investigations related to brand protection and IP theft have the advantage of powerful reporting that allows them to see areas of risk and take measures to prevent losses. The ability to map areas where counterfeiting investigations are prevalent and track and report on IP infringement cases gives our customers the edge when it comes to protecting their brand and bottom line.

Ethics & Compliance →

i-Sight’s ethics and compliance investigation solutions help our customers investigate and report on bribery and corruption in their organizations, resulting in a strong defense and in fewer sanctions and lower fines on occasions where allegations prove to be valid. Customers love i-Sight’s detailed documentation and audit trail, proving that a comprehensive investigation has been conducted according to FCPA, CFPOA and UK Bribery Act stipulations.


i-Sight’s solutions for government services fraud provide our SIU and OIG customers with tailored investigation management tools to track and report on investigations into all types of health and human services fraud, from health care insurance fraud to food stamps and welfare fraud. i-Sight’s customers love our ability to integrate with existing intake methods and fraud detection systems and with any data analytics tools in place.

“i-Sight is a great tool to track all activities and demonstrate estimated savings when we’re successful with an investigation.”

Manager, SIU, Allstate Insurance