Electronics distributor streamlines corrective actions and failure analysis with i-Sight

When a major electronic components distributor grew out of its outdated, spreadsheet-based system for managing corrective actions and failure analysis, the company’s vice president of operational excellence began looking for a new solution.

The company needed a system that could handle supplier corrective actions, failure analysis and customer corrective actions efficiently and with a friendly interface and effective workflow that required users to enter data only once.

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The Problem

The system the company was using had gaps that were causing live cases to stagnate, resulting in inefficiencies, long wait times and damaged customer relations. The system was tedious to navigate, requiring users to enter the same case information multiple times and save each form separately.

i-Sight Fact

i-Sight users closed more than a million cases last year.

The Challenge

“We needed traceability for cases, for the [supplier corrective actions] themselves and the [failure analysis],” says the manager, corporate excellence. “We were having dead zones where the cases would get worked and then get left and then not get picked up later.”

Reporting was slow and labor intensive. Users had to export data into spreadsheets and manipulate the information to create the reports needed by management to track and reduce risk.

“Our system was outdated and it wasn’t user friendly,” he says.

The company required a robust system with an efficient intake function that eliminated repetition. The new system needed to include workflow alerts, inactivity alerts and reminders to ensure no cases would fall through the cracks.

The Solution

After extensive online research, the company narrowed down the options to several vendors. Following a round of case management software demonstrations, i-Sight was chosen for its ability to streamline the company’s workflow, eliminating duplicate work and keeping cases on track with alerts and reminders.

Information Capture

i-Sight’s easy intake system allows employees to capture information for the case and track it through the process. “We enter the information once and it generates the case. I can track due dates and the status as well. It has really eased our way of managing cases,” says the manager.

Robust Reporting Tool

i-Sight’s reporting capabilities allow the company to do deep analysis of customer corrective actions and supplier corrective actions, and conduct failure analysis when needed.

The reports help the company to track trends and target areas for process improvement and training.


Since implementing i-Sight, the company has streamlined its workflow and reduced the amount of time and effort expended on everyday tasks. “We’ve been able to save quite a bit of time because we only enter the information once and the template comes out and it’s done. This saves us about 15 minutes per case.”

Because corrective actions and failure analysis can require input from many different people, it’s especially useful for the company to be able to include everyone working on the case in correspondence. The ability to provide role-based access to the case file has also meant that those involved can contribute at any time, from anywhere.

“With i-Sight, we are able to link the project managers, the assigned sales reps, and everybody else together so that we can send one email out and it goes to everybody that’s attached to that case,” he says.

i-Sight’s powerful reporting tool is set to fuel the company’s efforts for continual improvement. “Say we have quite a few mixed bin errors or quite a few shortages, we can use [the reporting tool] to point us in the right direction for what we need to work on. It will help us to see what [supplier corrective action] issues we are trying to solve so that we can prevent them from happening in the future.”

For customer corrective actions, i-Sight’s in-depth reports will help the company identify areas that require attention, focus training where it’s needed and improve the customer experience.

It all translates to significant savings in time and effort for the company, a more efficient workflow for employees and better customer service for those who keep the company in business.

In the first three months, the company closed a total of 396 cases, saving almost 100 hours of staff time just from this feature.

Manager, Corporate Excellence