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Investigation Dashboard


Dashboards display complex information about investigations in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Read More

Dashboard reports can be created using maps, charts and other graphics to show combinations of results for comparison and analysis.

Managers use this information to track KPIs, assign goals, detect emerging trends, identify issues, monitor workloads and collaborate and share knowledge.
Investigator dashboards display case information, open to-do’s, upcoming tasks and outstanding activities.

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Reporting for Business Intelligence


With all investigation data stored in a central repository, powerful data reporting and analysis are fast and easy. Read More

Use the drag-and-drop report builder to create flowcharts, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, heat maps and many more report types by dragging and dropping the fields onto a report template.

You can combine maps with any report or dashboard for meaningful location intelligence, such as geographic clusters and outliers, relevant for your business. Our clients use GIS reports to survey operations worldwide, using a variety of tools from basic Google maps, to GIS data sets and Web Map Services (WMS).

Trend reports and exception reports give you the information you need to determine where and when corrective action is required and provide real-time information on overdue cases, missed deadlines and tasks not completed.


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One-Click Investigation Reports

Investigation Reports

Create final case reports in seconds, with the click of a mouse, saving hours of administrative time and effort. Read More

i-Sight gathers all the data from the case file and populates the pre-formatted template, creating a professional, comprehensive investigative case report that is relevant for the investigation type, the reader and the level of detail required.

Reports can be shared easily with supervisors and others who need visibility into case outcomes.

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Smart Workflows


i-Sight is structured to ensure all information is collected, steps are never missed, and there’s a complete record of every action taken during an investigation. Read More

Each time a user adds a note, updates the case status, uploads a file or approves a step, the activity is recorded in the centralized case file, dated and time-stamped. Our customers rely on their i-Sight case files to prove that they completed a thorough investigation, should a case go to court.

As a case progresses through each stage, workflow rules ensure that appropriate reviews and approvals, triggered by alerts and reminders, keep the investigation moving forward.

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Case Assignment


Assign cases manually or automatically, based on defined criteria. i-Sight streamlines case assignment so that nothing falls through the cracks. Read More

As new cases are added they’re put into queues based on the type of case, the allegation, the source or any other criteria. Managers can be alerted that a new case is awaiting assignment, prompting them to go in and assign responsibility, or a case can be assigned automatically based on pre-set rules. i-Sight sends an email alert to the assigned investigator with a link to the case file.

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Anonymous Ethics Hotline


Capture every report with an ethics hotline. Uncover problems early, address them quickly and maintain a safe and ethical workplace.  Read More

Keep your company’s ethical culture front-and-center. Your employees know you take whistleblowing seriously when you invest time and money to encourage the reporting of ethics violations.

Leverage your ethics hotline data to keep a close eye on your company’s risks, assess training gaps and spot trends. When your whistleblower hotline is integrated with i-Sight’s investigative case management system your data becomes even more valuable, giving you deep insight into how corruption and misconduct are being managed and how they can be prevented.

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Auditable Case History


Each case file contains the entire history of the investigation and provides a complete audit trail, which can be exported as a comprehensive investigation report. Read More

Every activity is shown in the case file in chronological order, dated and time-stamped. Every attachment, email, note and case progression is listed, showing exactly who did what and when.

When the investigation concludes, the case file contains everything you need to show that your investigation was thorough, timely and complete. With every activity logged in the case file, you can also track time and expenses and generate reports that break down the information.

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Integrate with Existing Systems


Integrate i-Sight with your existing databases to eliminate time consuming data entry tasks or to ensure that other internal systems have up-to-date investigation information. Read More

Integrate i-Sight with any OBDC-compliant database including SAP, ORACLE, JD Edwards, CRM systems, document management systems and others

Single Sign-On (SSO) ensures that users only have one username and password that enables them to access all the applications with one login

i-Sight can also be configured for automated batching processes via secure FTP.

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Web-Enabled and Mobile-Optimized

Mobile Friendly

i-Sight delivers the tools you need to manage your investigations remotely and effectively through a simple, intuitive web interface. Read More

With anytime-anywhere access to case files, you can add and update information while it’s still fresh and capture and file digital evidence immediately using your mobile phone or tablet.

The simplified mobile interface ensures that all necessary fields are easily accessible and the + button remains the cornerstone of quick and easy case file updates. Add notes into the case file from your mobile device by accessing the speech-to-text function.

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Collaboration and Access Roles

Access Roles

Collaborate on cases and communicate with others in real time with secure, role-based access from anywhere at any time. Read More

From within a case file an investigator can assign a to-do owner, describe the request, select a due date and view outstanding requests. Investigative managers can access a case file to monitor its progress, enter notes, assign new tasks and provide investigators with guidance and recommended next steps.

Create access roles that reflect your organizational structure. Each user has a “profile” within i-Sight where you can set their access rights based on department, geographical location, exposure, involved parties, etc. You can restrict access to cases all the way down to the field level. This means that two people may access the same case file, but some information may be hidden from each.

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Email to Case


Send emails, files and attachments of any type directly and securely into case files from inside or outside i-Sight. Read More

Each email is automatically saved within the case record in chronological order for easy email management.

i-Sight can also receive emails from external sources. For example, if an investigator sends an email to a witness requesting information, and this witness simply replies to the email, i-Sight copies the reply email into the correct case file and sends a copy of the email to the investigator’s inbox outside of i-Sight.

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Quick Notes


You can quickly add notes from inside a case file or simply by clicking on the + button from anywhere in i-Sight. Read More

You can also attach files to your investigation notes and they are automatically saved with the note and also in the centralized file library for the case.

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Attachments and Evidence


Add attachments and digital evidence to the centralized case file by emailing files, attaching a file to a note or simply saving the evidence directly to the case file. Read More

Files are numbered and categorized when added. All files are stored in the centralized case file, dated and time-stamped, creating an organized digital evidence locker. Investigators can also describe the contents of the evidence for easy reference in the case file.

Attachments can include audio and video files, photos, charts and graphs, MS Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. Physical evidence is also tracked and organized in the case file by logging the evidence and where it is stored. The evidence log is dated and time-stamped to provide a record of when the evidence was logged and by whom.

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Quick and Easy Search


Search across the entire investigation database or within a specific field to find the information you need by entering your keyword into i-Sight’s powerful search function. Read More

Search filters make it even faster and easier to find the exact information you’re looking for by narrowing the result set.

i-Sight’s search field is available in every screen in the application to ensure you are never far from the information you need. And you can save your searches to run again without inputting the parameters repeatedly.

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Management Oversight


Ensure real-time oversight of cases, timely case review, and track time, expenses, restitution and recoveries with ease. Read More

By incorporating case review cycles into the workflow, i-Sight enforces the approval process, ensuring cases are never closed prematurely, and every case receives the necessary reviews and approvals.

i-Sight provides a simple interface for investigators to track time spent on various activities. Each activity is recorded with a description of the activity, the person performing the activity and the amount of time spent, acting as an online time-sheet. i-Sight also calculates all case-related expenses and makes them available for reporting so that you can quickly create summaries by case, case type, etc.

Many of our clients follow the investigation life-cycle through the civil recovery and collection phase. i-Sight provides a simple way to record any restitution amounts and then record payments.

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Customizing i-Sight with your logo, colors and company branding has been shown to improve adoption and user comfort. Read More

Along with your case management interface, your reports and templates can also reflect the look and feel of your company’s branding.

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