Assign cases manually or automatically based on criteria that you define

Case Assignment

Manually Assign Investigators

As new cases are added they’re put into queues. You can set-up queues based on the type of case, the allegation, the source, or any other criteria.

Managers can be alerted that a new case is awaiting assignment, prompting them to go in and assign responsibility. Assigning an investigator is a one-click process.

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Once an investigator is selected, i-Sight sends an email alert to the assigned investigator. This email goes into their normal inbox and contains a link to the case file to they can quickly retrieve the case details.

Inactivity alerts can also be set to monitor case assignments. Managers can opt to receive an email alert if a newly assigned case is inactive for a certain period of time.

Investigation Case Assignment
i-Sight Fact

The average investigation manager saves 2.5 hours per week by using i-Sight

Case Assignment

Automatically Assign Cases Using Rules

Create rules to automatically assign cases based on any criteria. A simple example would be a two-person team. One person could be assigned all HR-related investigations, while the other person is assigned to all security-related incidents.


  • every case is addressed
  • prompt assignment to the appropriate investigator
The Confirmation Step

i-Sight has a confirmation step built into assignments to ensure cases don’t fall between the cracks. Once an investigator is assigned he or she needs to “Accept Ownership” of the case. If this step doesn’t occur within the specified time frame, alerts can be emailed to designated managers.

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“We’ve streamlined our operation because
i-Sight automatically assigns files to individual investigators.”

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