Send cases for review by a manager, supervisor or the legal department

Case Reviews

Send Cases For Review

The investigator simply clicks a button to send a case for review and it is placed into a queue for the appropriate reviewer. Some organizations have one cycle of review before a case is closed, and some have three or more.

i-Sight can be configured to incorporate any number of review cycles to match your organization’s existing procedures. By incorporating case review cycles into the workflow, i-Sight enforces the approval process, ensuring cases are never closed prematurely, and every case receives the necessary reviews and approvals.

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“i-Sight offers critical automation and with alerts to ensure every team member follows the proper process.”

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Create new cases quickly and easily, collecting all complaints and case-related information from any intake stream into one central file.

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Discover our powerful software platform that is secure and scalable, yet web-accessible and flexible enough for easy integration with other systems.

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