You decide who can access case records as well as view and edit reports

Customizable Roles

Control Access to Information

Our clients conduct confidential investigations that contain sensitive information. i-Sight has been built to support the kinds of restrictions necessary to ensure the right people on investigative teams have criteria-based access to the right information.

i-Sight allows you to create access roles that reflect your organizational structure. If you restrict access to information based on location, simply configure i-Sight access roles to reflect this structure. Each user has a “Profile” within i-Sight where you can set their access rights.

Our clients restrict access to case information based on criteria such as:

  • department conducting investigation
  • geographical location of allegation
  • exposure
  • involved parties

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i-Sight’s customizable access ensures our customers on every continent comply with relevant privacy laws

Customizable Roles

Field Level Restriction

Many of our clients work with investigation teams, or investigations that require involvement from various departments and external resources. To ensure information security, i-Sight enables you to restrict access to cases all the way down to the field level.

This means that two people may access the same case file, but some information may be hidden from each. This is most often used to restrict access to highly confidential cases or information within a case. Certain information can be suppressed while all other case information can be made available.

Investigation Portals for Third-Parties

It’s also possible to create access roles that allow third-parties to access case records within your case management system. Investigation service organizations using i-Sight provide their clients with access to a restricted set of cases, and a restricted set of information within the cases. This enables their customers, outside legal counsel or law enforcement to log in and view real time updates to case files.

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“It’s an excellent tool for me because I don’t have to call that investigator any more to get an update on a case.”


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