Send files and attachments of any type directly into case files from inside or outside i-Sight


Better Organization

Many investigators work with a combination of email, Word documents, network storage folders and spreadsheets. This makes it difficult to summarize case proceedings, track correspondence, and maintain a complete record of investigation activities.

i-Sight eliminates the need to keep case information in separate places. Each case file provides the ability to send emails, attach files, manage deadlines and generate template letters.

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Email Tracking

i-Sight makes email tracking a breeze. Investigators are able to create and send emails from within the case file. Each email is automatically saved within the case record in chronological order for easy email management.

Email Dropbox

i-Sight can also receive emails from external sources. For example, if an investigator sends an email to a witness requesting information, and this witness simply replies to the email, i-Sight:

  • copies the reply email into the correct case file
  • sends a copy of the email to the investigators normal “Inbox” outside of i-Sight

This way, investigators maintain a clear correspondence audit trail of all email records related to a case with no effort whatsoever.

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Attachments and Evidence

Add files to the case as attachments by emailing or uploading them to the case file.

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Case History and Audit Trail

Maintain a complete history and audit trail of your investigations, with every activity, note and attachment listed in chronological order.

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Investigation Report

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Track Time, Expenses and Recoveries

Track time, expenses and recoveries using the case file, which contains every activity related to the investigation, date- and time-stamped for reference.

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Search for keywords or names in i-Sight efficiently and easily using the quick-access search engine available from any screen in the application.

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“Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find and generate letters and reports quickly.”

Underwriters Laboratories

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Manage investigations with workflow rules that create a logical, structured process and all case information stored in one place.

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