Global Information System data provides valuable information on regional performance

GIS Reports

Location Intelligence

You can combine maps with any report or dashboard providing you with meaningful location intelligence, such as geographic clusters and outliers, relevant for your business. Our clients use GIS reports to survey operations worldwide, using a variety of tools from basic Google maps, to GIS data sets and Web Map Services (WMS).

You can even integrate or combine your existing GIS tools, such as ESRI or MapInfo, via WMS.. With i-Sight’s powerful GIS reporting tool, you can overlay demographic or statistical data onto your maps to create multi-layered reports and dig deeper into your data. You can also use map animation to see changes over time and replay the data set to see the movement of trends.

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i-Sight Investigation Reports
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More than 70 per cent of your investigative data has a location component

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“The reporting tools within i-Sight make it easier for staff to analyze data and detect patterns of fraud that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.”

Workers’ Compensation Commission

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