i-Sight’s one-click investigation reports save investigators hours of time

Investigation Reports

Professional, Accurate, Comprehensive

With the click of a mouse, i-Sight gathers all the data from the case file and populates the pre-formatted investigation report, creating a professional, comprehensive report that makes you look like a star.

You’ll never have to worry about mistakes in your investigation report, since all the information is pulled from the fields in the case file. If the data in the case file is correct, the investigation report is correct. And you can choose which fields to include when you set up investigation report templates, ensuring that the template you choose pulls the data that is relevant for the investigation type, the reader and the level of detail required.

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i-Sight users save a combined total of 2.4 million hours annually

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Attachments and Evidence

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Maintain a complete history and audit trail of your investigations, with every activity, note and attachment listed in chronological order.

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“It’s probably going to save my guys an hour or an hour and a half a day… That allows them to spend more time tracing.”

Renwick Group

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Analyze investigation data using i-Sight’s powerful summary reports that provide in-depth information on trends and areas of risk.

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Discover our powerful software platform that is secure and scalable, yet web-accessible and flexible enough for easy integration with other systems.

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Access i-Sight’s intuitive and friendly interface at any time on any computer or mobile device.