Build comprehensive reports that provide valuable insight into performance and results

Report Builder

Easy Reporting

Report building doesn’t require extensive training, and even “non-technical” users can quickly create insightful reports.

  • Simple interface allows users to drag and drop fields into a report
  • Novice users love the report creation wizards
  • Reports can be published quickly to PDF or Excel and distributed via email

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i-Sight Fact

i-Sight users built more than 300,000 summary reports last year

Report Builder

Report On Anything

Every piece of information stored within your case files becomes available for building a report.

Drill Into the Detail

Summary reports in i-Sight are dynamic, and users can change the level of detail by clicking through to more information. This drill-down feature allows users to dig deeper by clicking through from a quarterly report to show monthly, weekly or even daily information.

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Trend Reports

Look at investigation data from different perspectives to analyze trends and forecast future needs, risks and opportunities.

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GIS Reports

Generate reports using Global Information System data to get insight into trend data by geographical area.

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Oversight and Exception Reports

Alert managers and executive teams of performance issues by investigator, department, region, country, etc, so that they can take corrective action.

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“It’s easy to tailor nice reports to everyone’s needs depending on the department, without having to trouble IT people.”


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Create new cases quickly and easily, collecting all complaints and case-related information from any intake stream into one central file.

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Manage investigations with workflow rules that create a logical, structured process and all case information stored in one place.

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Analyze investigation data using i-Sight’s powerful summary reports that provide in-depth information on trends and areas of risk.

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Discover our powerful software platform that is secure and scalable, yet web-accessible and flexible enough for easy integration with other systems.

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Access i-Sight’s intuitive and friendly interface at any time on any computer or mobile device.