Record the amount of time spent on investigation-related tasks

Track Time, Expenses and Recoveries

Investigation Time Tracking

Whether you’re a government department or a member of a corporate investigation team, you need to demonstrate how investigators spend their time.

i-Sight provides a simple interface for investigators to track time spent on various activities. Each activity is recorded with a description of the activity, the person performing the activity and the amount of time spent, acting as an online time-sheet.

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i-Sight users have detailed documentation to back up claims and respond to information requests

Track Time, Expenses and Recoveries

Expense Tracking

i-Sight provides the tools to track expenses. Expenses can be individual line items within a case file, or they can be associated with an activity. i-Sight calculates all case-related expenses and makes them available for reporting so that you can quickly create summaries by case, case type, etc.

Restitution & Recoveries Tracking

Many of our clients follow the investigation life-cycle through the civil recovery and collection phase. i-Sight provides a simple way to record any restitution amounts and then record payments.

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Add notes to any case file directly from the dashboard or from within the case. Notes are stored in chronological order for easy access and reporting.

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Case History and Audit Trail

Maintain a complete history and audit trail of your investigations, with every activity, note and attachment listed in chronological order.

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Search for keywords or names in i-Sight efficiently and easily using the quick-access search engine available from any screen in the application.

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“The ability to capture data and build enforceable cases in i-Sight is helping us fulfill our mission.”

Underwriters Laboratories

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Create new cases quickly and easily, collecting all complaints and case-related information from any intake stream into one central file.

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Managing investigations couldn’t be simpler, with workflow rules that create a logical, structured process and all case information stored in one place.

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Analyze investigation data using i-Sight’s powerful summary reports that provide in-depth information on trends and areas of risk.

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Discover our powerful software platform that is secure and scalable, yet web-accessible and flexible enough for easy integration with other systems.

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Investigators and managers love i-Sight’s intuitive and friendly interface and 24-hour web access on any computer or mobile device.