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Case information is captured through i-Sight’s hotline, web form, or any other reporting mechanism, recorded and funneled into a queue for assessment, assignment and investigation.

With all initial referral information collected on intake, the central case file contains all the preliminary information an investigator needs to create a case.

By integrating with your existing internal systems, i-Sight can pull relevant information into the intake form, eliminating extra administrative work and ensuring accurate and complete records. i-Sight integrates with any OBDC-compliant database, such as SAP, JD Edwards, CRM systems, ORACLE, Document Management systems and others.

Manage Investigations


Workflow rules create a structured process to follow with every step tracked. With all the case information in one place, those with authorized access can collaborate and view investigation progress.

Every step of your investigation is recorded and review processes can be embedded in the workflow to ensure a complete and thorough investigation is conducted every time.

Role-defined access allows colleagues and supervisors to collaborate on cases in real time and keep investigations progressing. A complete audit trail shows who did what and when, providing a detailed history of case activity.

Build Comprehensive Reports


With i-Sight, generating comprehensive summary reports is as easy as dragging and dropping data fields into one of 77 report formats.

i-Sight’s powerful summary reports improve oversight and reduce risk through in-depth analysis of investigation data. By comparing incidents or results by location or type you can spot troubled areas and target your training to address weaknesses.

Supervisors can oversee team productivity to ensure investigations stay on track, and take steps to avert problems before they escalate.

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