i-Sight employees are passionate, friendly, innovative and flexible.


Our People

i-Sight employees are passionate about helping clients conduct better investigations by implementing great systems that streamline the investigative process.

Employees are hired for their personal and customer service traits as well as their professional ones. Clients appreciate how friendly and approachable i-Sight employees are.

The working environment at i-Sight encourages innovation and ideas. i-Sight employees are always looking for better ways of doing things and are incentivized to bring them forward through the company’s online ideas portal or in person.

i-Sight’s flexible and informal work culture fosters employees who are flexible and helpful, in keeping with the company’s overall philosophy of helping people conduct better investigations.

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A management philosophy that is open to new ideas, discourages bureaucracy, values corporate social responsibility and considers work-life balance and profit sharing to be important, sets the stage for a company that is considered to be a great place to work.

i-Sight’s executive team encourages employees to come forward with new ideas for the product, the business and the work environment and the company’s non-hierarchical, open-door philosophy means that employees can approach anyone with ideas, problems or solutions, creating a collaborative, non-bureaucratic atmosphere.

i-Sight Fact

i-Sight employees have opportunities to participate in the company’s community volunteer initiatives

One Culture


i-Sight’s entrepreneurial culture has deep roots that go back to the formation of the company in 1999. Founded by Ray Gerard and Geoff English, two former technology executives who saw a niche for customized software that didn’t force users into rigid, pre-configured systems, i-Sight has developed into a global leader in the provision of configurable case management software for investigations. That entrepreneurial focus resonates today as the privately held, Ottawa-based company is run by four partners whose collective vision and focus on innovation have positioned it as an industry leader.

Starting with just four employees, i-Sight has grown into a successful privately held company with a staff of 65 full-time employees.

Constant Innovation

i-Sight’s culture of constant innovation ensures the company is always on the leading edge when it comes to products and processes, due to the desire and commitment of the company’s employees to push the envelope. Employees are encouraged to innovate, invent and problem solve, and to never be satisfied with the status quo.

The company’s commitment to promotion from within keeps great staff on-board and creates an atmosphere where employees feel valued and rewarded for their hard work.

Volunteer Committee

i-Sight’s volunteer committee meets monthly to plan and implement volunteer projects in the community. From farming for the food bank to participating in a Children’s Wish Foundation donation project, i-Sight employees are involved in community volunteerism year-round.

Work-life Balance

i-Sight’s executive team has created an environment that encourages work-life balance. The company offers flexible work hours, with half-day Fridays in summer and extended holidays between December 25th and January 1st.

i-Sight offers all employees a generous bonus program based on the company’s quarterly performance.

“The people at i-Sight are great. The implementation process they follow is very clear and logical, they give you realistic deadlines and their staff do an excellent job.”

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