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50+ Free (or Cheap) Tools for Investigators

Useful resources and must-have gadgets to help you conduct better investigations

Posted by Dawn Lomer on November 1st, 2016

Today’s investigators have at their fingertips an endless amount of useful tools and resources, from software and smartphone apps to digital research resources, state-of-the-art communications technology and nifty spy gadgets.

But many of these are costly and require company budget approval or a large personal bank account.

Fortunately, there are thousands of free and cheap resources for investigators that can help you conduct your investigations more efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a collection of useful investigation tools and resources that are either free or close to it.




Tools for Planning Investigations

Organization apps

A well conducted investigation starts as a well-planned investigation. An investigation plan can help you get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Calendar and personal organization apps are essential for a time-crunched investigator. Some are free, some paid, and there’s so many to choose from that there’s bound to be an app that offers everything you need.


1. Google Calendar

Because Google Calendar is linked to your Gmail account, you can seamlessly access your calendar anywhere and from any device. For extra convenience, events are automatically added from your Gmail to your Calendar.

To get the most out of these investigation tools, start by downloading our free Investigation Plan Template.




2. Jorte

Your ideal personal organizer. Calendars are extremely customizable. You can choose to display a monthly or weekly calendar and color code the important stuff. A quick glance shows you if you’ve got anything pressing today.


Tools for Conducting Research

The preliminary research can make or break an investigation. Start your investigation off on the right foot with the free and cheap resources that make conducting research more effective and timely.

Open source intelligence (OSINT)

Online research is a must for any investigator in the 21st century. Open source intelligence (OSINT) makes online research a breeze by pulling information from all publicly available sources. There are thousands of ways to use OSINT tools to get the information you need.


3. OSINT Tools

We’ve put together a list of more than 101 OSINT tools for investigators. There are tools for any type of search you want to conduct, whether that’s a person, social media and dating sites, images and video, online communities and blogs, classified listings, background checks, business sites, the deep web or even geolocation.

Keep these OSINT tools always on hand with our OSINT Links for Investigators Cheat Sheet.



Capture online data

Using the Web for conducting research is the new norm, but there’s one large risk associated with collecting data and information this way. When you do find what it is you were looking for online, you’ll need to capture it before it’s been modified, hidden, or erased. Luckily, there are free tools for this.


4. Camstudio

Record all screen and audio activity that takes place on your computer and easily turn them into AVI video files that can be saved and shared. Plus, it’s 100% free for personal and professional use.


5. Screencast-o-Matic

Alternatively, Screencast-o-Matic is captures your screen’s activity without being downloaded onto the computer. There are both free and pro options with varying features.

Digital forensics tools

You will likely need to perform some sort of digital forensics as part of your investigation research. There are dozens of tools to choose from, both paid and free, and one particularly helpful one-stop shop for digital forensics tools for investigators.


6. 4Discovery

On 4Discovery, the tools are “as-is” and completely free for both personal and professional use. 4Discovery offers different tools that let you extract metadata (document history, usage, authors and contributors), look at USB history and much more.

Surveillance gadgets

When you’re conducting surveillance, there’s a lot on the go at once. You’re watching the subject, you’re taking notes and you’re trying not to be seen. Applications and software are becoming increasingly helpful, and with a couple of gadgets to take the load off, surveillance becomes a much less daunting task.


7. Reverse View Sunglasses

Spy Emporium sells aviator gold trim spy sunglasses that let you follow someone without walking behind them. They’ll never know they are being followed. This investigation tool is as helpful as it is stylish.


8. Dragon Dictation

Tap the button, start talking, and the app handles the rest. Voice to text transcribes your notes and comments for later use. Keep your eyes on the subject while Dragon Dictation takes notes for you.


9. VoiceFinger

Helps you to record what’s happening without taking your eyes off the subject. TopTenReviews awarded the VoiceFinger app the fifth spot in their Best Voice Recognition Software of 2017.


10. Dragon Anywhere

A professional, web-based product that you can access from your Android or iOS mobile device and share files using cloud-sharing services.

GPS and mapping apps

Imagine you had the perfect opportunity to survey or confront a subject but you missed it because you’re unfamiliar with the area and got lost. Never miss the exit again with apps that offer things like turn-by-turn voice guidance and traffic details.


11. Google Maps

Access up-to-date maps and detailed location information. Use the street view to get a feel for an area before conducting surveillance because there’s nothing worse than showing up completely unfamiliar with a location.


12. Waze

Take Google Maps to the next level with location search, traffic details, and map navigation. Turn by turn voice guidance and automatic rerouting gets you there.


13. Layar

An augmented reality application that lets you add real time details and notes to wherever you go. Augmented reality is newer, more advanced tool for investigators (actually, for everyone) and it can be a little tricky, but it has so much potential.




Tools for Managing Investigations 

Researching and information collection doesn’t stop once the preliminary stages have come and gone. In fact, it’s important to keep digging throughout the entire investigation process in case something new and significant pops up.

Reminder and monitoring tools

Calendar apps are great but monitoring tools take it to the next level. What could possibly be better than setting up a reminder and having an app send you real-time updates and notifications on whatever topic or keyword it was that you requested?


14. Google Alerts

Set up an alert on the subject’s name, nickname and alias to monitor what they’re up to and receive notifications when new results appear.


15. Mention

Pick a couple of keywords (names) you wish to keep an eye on and Mention monitors the web and social networks. The app then sends alerts via push notifications on a daily or weekly basis.

File sharing and collaboration

Investigators may need share large documents to collaborate with others working on a case, and this can be a disaster without version control. In the absence of a good case management software solutions, there are free tools for investigators to upload and send documents, write notes, content, make edits and track activities.


16. Dropbox

This software offers secure file sharing and storage solutions with varying packages including Dropbox Basic for infrequent, basic investigations, or Dropbox Business with extra storage and enterprise-level support.


17. Google Drive

A file storage and synchronization service, you’ll get access to all of your files from any place on any device. Share it with anyone who has a Gmail and let them view, download and collaborate.


18. Google Docs

Like the other pieces of the Google suite, Google Docs are available anywhere, anytime. All of your documents save automatically as you type, so you’ll never fear a lost version again.


19. Google Sheets

Track budgets, schedules, expenses and other spreadsheet files with Google Sheets. This collaboration app works with Excel and offers an Explore panel for overviews of data and informative summaries.




Secure your files

If you’ll be using folders of spreadsheets or some other digital filing system to track your investigations, don’t forget to secure sensitive files with encryption. Hackers and theft can ruin your entire investigation in a matter of minutes if you let them.


20. VeraCrypt

Add enhanced security with on-the-fly encryption (OTFE) to protect your important files online and offline.


21. AxCrypt

This app offers strong encryption, password management and multilingual interfaces. For added convenience, AxCrypt lets you collaborate with others, store your files in the cloud and access your encrypted files from your phone.

Tracking evidence

Best practices dictate that investigators use a system for tracking physical evidence. Losing, mishandling, or tampering with a key piece of evidence can change the entire outcome of an investigation. Set up your own efficient tracking system to keep an eye on all those important pieces of evidence.


22. Chain of custody template

This template can be used to document physical evidence, track who has accessed it, and record information about evidence disposal.


23. Cheap label maker

A cheap label can be used for identification. Label the evidence with subject names, case names, dates, or anything else that works for you.

Reasoning tools

Need some help reasoning out your theories during your investigation? You’ll need a tool that helps you think objectively and logically about all your collected information and hypotheses.


24. Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

This simple model helps you think about complex problems. If the investigation has you running mental laps, you’ll need this for well-reasoned, analytical judgements.



Investigation Interview Tools

Investigators tell us consistently that the investigation interview is one of the most difficult parts of an investigation. The right investigation interview tools can make a world of difference in the before, during, and after of an interview.

Prepare for interviews

Brush up on skills with tips and tricks from experienced professionals and experts in the field. There are many books and webinars available for cheap or free to improve your investigation interview knowledge.


25. Interviewing and Interrogation

Let Don Rabon teach you the fundamentals of effective inquiry in this great, informative book.


26. Persuasive Interviewing

Persuasion is the most challenging and problematic element in the interview process. Don Rabon breaks down the basics in his book with practical exercises and application questions.


27. The Peace Model

Every good investigation should know the five steps of the PEACE model of investigative interviewing. This webinar will teach you how to interview effectively using the PEACE model.


28. Elicitation Techniques

In this webinar, expert investigator Van Ritch shares his elicitation techniques that will help you get interviewees to tell you what you need to know.


29. Detecting Deception

Don’t get tricked. This one-hour webinar teaches you how to identify the forms of detection and how to know when you are being lied to.

Record interviews

Although it’s a controversial topic, many investigators choose to record their investigation interviews to aid in recall and provide a record of what was said.


30. Digital recorder

This small, cheap, versatile digital voice recorder has 4GB of internal flash memory and stores up to 4175 hours of audio with minimal background noise.


31. Memory stick & voice recorder

This USB flash drive recorder can record for four hours at a time between charge. Plus, tests by Spy Gadgets show the device records clear audio from inside a pocket.


32. ATC Universal Tripod Phone Holder

New phones have great cameras, great audio recording capabilities and tons of storage. Use your phone to videotape investigations with a tripod phone holder.

Conduct interviews remotely

Online phone and video chat applications make it possible to interview witnesses remotely. No more having to travel cross-country to interview someone, saving you time and money.


33. Skype Video Chat

A free and popular tool that works seamlessly on any device and almost any operating platform. There’s a “conference call” feature if your partner prefers to listen in. Pair this with a screen recorder and you’ll have all your interviews readily available.

Looking for tips on investigation interview questions? Download this cheat sheet on Top 20 Questions to Ask in an Investigation Interview.




Resources for Writing Investigation Reports

You might be the greatest investigator of all-time, but some people really can’t hammer down report-writing. Honestly, that’s not a big deal because there are so many tools and resources available out there, from templates to grammar-checkers to advanced courses.

Report writing best practices

A well written investigation report showcases a well conducted investigation and makes the investigator look professional and credible too.


34. Investigation Report Template

Use a report template to make sure you’re producing a report that’s consistent, thorough and accurate.


35. Grammarly

This is your secret weapon for a well-polished, impressive report. You can be confident that your report is error-free.

Writing courses

Or, if you have time to spare, learn a little more about grammar and the rules of investigation report writing.


36. Writing for Business Course

This course teaches you how to become a great business writer with simple, effective skills that you’ll need to create impactful documents.


37. Grammar and Punctuation Course

Brush up on your sentence structures, commas and conjunctions with this Grammar and Punctuation Course by Coursera.


38. Investigation Report Writing: A Nuts and Bolts Approach

In this one-hour webinar, Meric Bloch teaches how to assess witness credibility, strategies for evaluating proof, best practices for presenting findings and how to avoid common report writing mistakes.


39. Writing Effective Investigation Reports

in this one-hour webinar, Angela Reddock-Wright details the type of language to use in investigation reports, proper formatting, the importance of proofreading and much more.


40. How to Write Stellar Investigation Reports

In this one-hour webinar, Xan Raskin shares her favorite tips and techniques for preparing comprehensive investigation reports.

Scan, send and save files

Paper documents are so passé. Today’s investigators store documents and evidence digitally. Use your iPhone or Android device to scan documents and save them into case files.


41. Cam Scanner

Easily scan and share paper documents with the camera on your phone. Plus, this app offers other features such as adding hand-written notes and image editing.


42. Evernote Scannable

If you already have Evernote, you’ll love this app. Capture paper documents quickly and effectively. Then, save or send these high-quality scans by email.


43. TextGrabber

Take it to the next level. This app can translate, scan and save text or QR codes. Then, edit the text, have it read aloud, translate it, send by SMS or email, or share through social media.



Ongoing Investigator Education

i-Sight posts fresh content constantly throughout the week on a variety of topics including fraud, theft, ethics, compliance, investigation, report writing, evidence, research, mobile security and on other topics you didn’t know you needed.

i-Sight’s Resource Center

Stay in the know with our Resource Center. We regularly add top-notch, informative content on a variety of investigation-related topics.


44. Informative articles

Sort articles according to investigation types. Do you identify and analyze risk? Do you investigative bribery, corruption, discrimination, fraud, harassment, or workplace misconduct? There’s an article for you.


45. Editable templates

Looking for an employee complaint form? A disciplinary action form? A code of conduct policy template? An investigation report template? We offer that.


46. Downloadable cheat sheets

Our cheat-sheets are fun, informative, visually-appealing tip sheets and how-tos for you to save, share, or print.


47. Detailed eBooks

Certain skills getting rusty? Know someone who might like to learn a little more about a certain investigation topic? Our eBooks can be downloaded as PDF files for easy storage and sharing.


48. Webinars

If video is more your learning style, we have more than 100 free webinars on various aspects of investigations. For added bonus: some offer continuing education credit.

Other courses, magazines and blogs

Although we try, i-Sight can only cover so much investigation-related news, strategies and tactics. Sign up for additional magazines and blogs to cover all your bases, or enrol in a couple of courses to really maximize your skillset.


49. Coursera

A catalogue of free courses that will improve your investigation skills and knowledge.


50. Pursuit Magazine

A magazine for investigators, journalists and general truth-seekers. The magazine posts strategies, tactics, methods and sources for finding facts and uncovering the truth


51. Diligentia Group Blog

Diligentia Group is a New York Private Investigation company, and their blog is chock-full of great information and tips about research, interviews and how to be the best investigator you can be.


52. PI Now

This newsletter caters to private investigators, with news, business tips, events and much more.

The i-Sight Newsletter

And, of course, i-Sight’s Newsletter is the best option for staying on top of new articles as they’re added.


53. i-Sight Newsletter

Subscribe to the i-Sight newsletter here to be notified when new resources are added and you’ll never be out of the loop again.

Dawn Lomer
Dawn Lomer

Manager of Communications

Dawn Lomer is the Manager of Communications at i-Sight Software and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). She writes about topics related to workplace investigations, ethics and compliance, data security and e-discovery, and hosts i-Sight webinars.

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