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You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You’ve got a stack of written complaints to reply to, your email inbox is growing by the second and reports need to be written- how do you keep track of everything?

Posted by Joe Gerard in Human Resources on December 20th, 2010


You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You’ve got a stack of written complaints to reply to, your email inbox is growing by the second and reports need to be written- how do you keep track of everything, let alone get it all done on time? Human resource departments deal with a huge range of workplace issues. Case management software has a lot to offer – simplifying and centralizing information so that it’s available anytime, anywhere. From capturing incoming allegations to storing investigation information, case management software helps human resource professionals stay organized and on track.


Case management software ensures that incoming allegations are sent to the right people. When a case is entered, email alerts are issued, informing the investigator that they have been assigned a new case. Case management software takes the headache out of managing incoming allegations, as cases can be entered from multiple channels and still end up in the appropriate location. We’ve discussed multi-channel case entry extensively in the post “Case Management Software: Leave No Case Behind.”

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Deadlines and case severity impact the priority placed on a particular allegation or investigation. Every allegation should be assessed for risk.  This doesn’t have to be overly scientific, but certainly a simple dollar value or category selection (high, medium, low) enables executives further up the chain of command to easily maintain visibility over high priority investigations.


Upon receiving allegations of harassment, discrimination, unfair termination or any other types of workplace misconduct, HR needs to be prepared to investigate. Case management software makes it easy for investigators to organize the investigation process, as each system is customized to meet each company’s unique processes. You can store complainant, subject and witness information in the case file, as well as:

  • Evidence
  • Emails
  • Investigation Interview Responses
  • And much, much more.

The issues investigated by HR tend to be sensitive, as they involve employees within the organization. This means that investigations need to remain as confident as possible. Case management software allows you to set access controls based on a number of things, such as geographic location or department within the organization. You can even drill down deeper, restricting access to cases within the investigation team for ultimate confidentiality.

Corrective Action

It’s important that employees are reprimanded for violating the company’s code of conduct. As employees move throughout the organization, their information must move with them. If an employee has been reprimanded for previous misconduct, that information must be taken into consideration when preparing conclusions for an investigative report. The consequences should increase in severity with each additional offence. Case management software is searchable and cases can be linked together. This helps you weed out repeat offenders to make sure that appropriate corrective action is taken in all cases.

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