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Case Management Selection at Allstate: Part 2

The keys to implementing a case management solution that’s the best fit for your company is to establish expectations and know what you are looking for.

Posted by Joe Gerard on October 19th, 2010

The keys to implementing a case management solution that’s the best fit for your company is to establish expectations and know what you are looking for. At the SCCE’s  Compliance and Ethics Institute , Ray Gerard and Lyn Scrine, the Ethics Director, Enterprise Business Conduct at Allstate, covered this topic in great detail. Focusing on the case management software selection and implementation process at Allstate, Ray outlined how the capabilities of i-Sight were configured to meet the needs of Lyn’s department at Allstate. At i-Sight, we ask ourselves, what can we do that will make our case management solution different from the others? With i-Sight, people on the front lines are provided with the tools they need to develop reports and prepare information to hand to management. This makes it easier for management to develop an understanding of the situations employees in the company find themselves in. When managers know this information, they can improve policies, processes and training to address areas of concern and make improvements in the workplace.

What To Look For In a System

The same case management system isn’t always going to be the best fit for each company. When deciding between case management software vendors, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What should my expectations be when selecting a case management software vendor?
  • What should we be looking for?
  • What tools and features will make my life easier?

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Reporting and simplifying data analysis- capabilities that are not possible in Access or Excel, are important i-Sight features that caught the attention of the team at Allstate. Lyn knew what she wanted to do with the information she was collecting, but needed a simpler solution to assist her in making sense of the data.

Other User-Friendly Features:

  • Don’t need to be tech savvy- We make the system user friendly and intuitive. According to Ray, chances are, if I can’t figure it out, clients won’t figure it out, and that means they won’t use it.
  • Web enabled– Cross state lines and company boundaries, allows for immediate access to the most recent information. i-Sight is available in any location, all you need is access to the Internet.
  • Attachments and searchability within the case file- Keeping track of case-related evidence has never been easier. Attach electronic files to the case file. Physical evidence can also be tracked as i-Sight prints out a bar code to be placed on the evidence, and provides space for the investigator to note where the physical evidence is stored.
  • Access controls– Who sees what and when and are also self-configurable. Modify the systems and access levels as the workplace evolves and employees com and go. Automate alerts and notifications. Assign more than one investigator to a case, assign activities to anyone in the organization- their replies and completed assignments should be automatically entered into the case file.
  • Centralization- Keep everything in the case file, in one location and provide investigators with the ability to collaborate.
  • Proven capabilities- Pre-tested modules that are configured to the unique needs of each client. This means that the entire system doesn’t have to be re-tested in order to make a small change to the system.
  • Reporting– web enabled reports, automate reporting that populates at the identified time period, you can subscribe to a report, and once it is made, it will automatically be sent out to you. Each group at Allstate had difficulty completing reporting in the way they wanted to. All divisions should be able to ask for ad hoc reports- which Allstate can now do with i-Sight. Identify repeat offenders.
  • Offsite hosting- To improve security, i-Sight is frequently hosted at a location other than our client’s offices. This reduces the risk of your employees accessing the system and viewing information they are not entitled to see.

Disclaimer: This article is written by Lindsay Walker of Customer Expressions Corp. and has been reviewed by Lyn Scrine at Allstate. The article is based on my presence at Lyn’s session at the SCCE conference and my conversations with her.

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

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