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Case Management Selection at Allstate: Part 3

It will only take an afternoon to prepare quarterly reports now. We can report and put a cost on cases, and figure out how to best mitigate and prevent them in the future.

Posted by Joe Gerard on October 20th, 2010

“It will only take an afternoon to prepare quarterly reports now. We can report and put a cost on cases, and figure out how to best mitigate and prevent them in the future.”

— Lyn Scrine, Ethics Director, Enterprise Business Conduct, Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate’s Solution and Results

Allstate currently uses i-sight as their case management vendor.  In choosing a case management softwarevendor, the company started the process by evaluating requests for proposals from about 10 or 12 vendors. From that group 5 were invited to to provide onsite demos of their products and Allstate selected the solution they felt best fit their needs. People included in the decision making process were HR professionals, corporate security, lawyers and IT. At Allstate, Lyn made it clear that specific access assignment was a major concern. The ability to assign a case or task to an investigator and their manager, then have it sent back once the task was completed was a requirement. Access controls help monitor who can see different types of information, meeting their confidentiality needs.

Lyn can now use the data collected to identify trends and respond to issues through employee training and communication to reduce future incidents. This also allows the company to reduce the opportunity for fraud, as schemes are identified and staff can be quickly notified. The quality of information gathered has improved significantly and due to case centralization, Lyn has access to all the information she needs- without having to chase it down. i-Sight will allow for workloads to be more evenly distributed, as case progress and closures are monitored and tracked in the system.

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Security and Integration

When deciding between hosting i-Sight on or offsite, Allstate opted to have their system hosted offsite for additional security. Offsite hosting helps keep information out of the hands of “curious” employees, as each company has their share of what Lyn refers to as “super-users.” Another winning i-Sight feature was that a web-based solution was a must for security purposes, maintenance and ease of use by employees across the country at Allstate. In order to use i-Sight, investigators simply need access to the Internet. Offsite hosting also eliminates the need for in-house IT to have to maintain the system and its servers.

At Allstate, cases are entered through multiple channels. This meant that the selected system would have to have the ability to integrate with existing hotlines and databases to ensure that every case is entered and accounted for. For example, if an employee makes a complaint to an HR manager, the manager manually enters the case, if a call is made through the hotline; the information is taken by a third arty vendor and electronically entered into i-Sight.. With i-Sight, all cases are accounted for and make their way to the correct person for appropriate action. When Allstate implemented i-Sight, 10 years of information was also migrated into the system. Information migration was, and is, important in order to track trends and identify repeat offenders over time- not just the time since the system was put in place.

Ahead of the Game

The ability to automate reports reduces time and makes it easier to provide managers, lawyers and others with comprehensive, accurate, real-time information. Quarterly reports can be created in an afternoon, instead of taking a full week. Upcoming changes to the US Federal Sentencing guidelines call for quick and accurate reporting  i-Sight has put Allstate ahead of the game, as they are able to comply with the amended guidelines that take effect in November 2010. Taking on a project of this scale requires time, resources and commitment from all members in an organization. At Allstate, the value of an effective case management system was recognized, allowing the company to reap the rewards today.

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

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