Closing the Investigative Interview – Why “That’s About It” Is NEVER the End of the Story

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Often, what a subject offers after the interview can be much more revealing than anything in your interview notes. Yet, most investigative training techniques ignore the critical importance of getting your closing right. Investigator, author and expert trainer John A. Hoda outlining his best strategies for getting the critical information you need after the official interview is over.

  • His “Door-Knobbing” strategy to discover what they’re thinking but not saying
  • The exact phrases he uses which almost force a subject to keep talking
  • How to know when the interview is really over, and when it’s only just getting started
  • Why conventional training teaches you to ignore a key signal that your subject still has something to tell you
Webinar Presenter

John Hoda
John Hoda

Certified Fraud Examiner

John Hoda is a police-trained former insurance company fraud investigator with decades of experience as a private investigator. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Legal Investigator and an expert in the art and science of interviewing. He’s the creator of The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements: Digital Edition and he blogs on Interviewing strategy at The Department of What Happened.

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