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The number of formal investigations conducted in the modern enterprise is on the rise. Ethics programs, litigation risks and government regulations motivate organizations to conduct official investigations on a wide range of topics – from fraud, to contract disputes, to HR allegations and much more.

In order to conduct strong investigations, investigators need tools that work with them – not the other way around. i-Sight Case Management Software enforces an intelligent investigative framework that enhances the investigation process rather than dictating it. The flexible case management solution makes and keeps records in a way that satisfies the requirements of third parties, such as judges, auditors and government officials.



  • How case management can be used to conduct stronger, consistent investigations
  • The importance of having a flexible case management system
  • How i-Sight has the ability to enforce rules that govern the processes in an investigation
  • The advantages of software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • How a well-documented, thorough investigation reduces risk

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