The Effects of Workplace Bullying Go Beyond the Victim

When it comes to workplace bullying, the affects are felt by those who witness it too.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Article on September 1st, 2011
The effects of workplace bullying go beyond the person being bullied and the person doing the bullying. Those who witness bullying in the workplace are also affected. A Human Capital Online article shares the results of a New Zealand survey that reports on the impact of workplace bullying:

Workplace bullying can affect not just the victims, but any colleagues who witness it, according to a New Zealand study.

The study of more than 1,700 workers found a clear link between people being exposed to bullying and negative perceptions of the workplace.

“The greater exposure a person had to bullying, both directly and indirectly, the more negative their perception of the work environment was,” Dr Helena Cooper-Thomas, a senior lecturer in psychology at theUniversityofAuckland, told AAP.

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