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Evidence Gathering in the Digital World

In-house e-discovery processes can help reduce time and money spent on electronic evidence gathering.

Posted by Joe Gerard on December 7th, 2011
Evidence gathering is a critical component in a workplace investigation. You need to make sure you’ve secured all evidence before anyone has a chance to destroy it. An article by Amanda Berger for Baseline Magazine focuses on e-discovery and collecting evidence in the digital era:

When a company is hit with litigation, the pressure becomes intense to collect and understand the potentially relevant, electronically stored information that may support or undermine defense of the case. That pressure comes from the need to understand the scope and risk of the matter, so the company can strategize how to defend the lawsuit. The pressure also comes from the potentially high costs involved in collecting and processing the information.

As the amount of digital information grows exponentially, many organizations are establishing in-house e-discovery processes to reduce the cost and speed up the processes associated with outsourcing the work. In a 2010 e-discovery report from the Taneja Group, analysts Christine Taylor and Jeff Boles surveyed large companies on their e-discovery processes. Half of the respondents reported having an internal e-discovery capability. The analysts said this number indicates that a tipping point has been achieved for on-premises e-discovery, also called insourcing.

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Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

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