i-Sight Case Management Software Helps Isthmus Give Competitors a Run for Their Money

The goal at any company is to eliminate on the job and work related injuries. However, accidents happen, employees get injured and someone has to bear the costs.

Posted by Joe Gerard in on October 6th, 2010

The goal at any company is to eliminate on the job and work related injuries. However, accidents happen, employees get injured and someone has to bear the costs. Once an injury occurs, it can be difficult for employers to get employees back to work safely, on time and with minimal cost to the company. Isthmus is a disability management services provider for workplace injury claims in Canada. Isthmus gives employers a voice in the Workplace Compensation Board system through advocating for them and assists companies in minimizing the costs of injured employees. In Canada, workers compensation is a provincial responsibility, with rules varying between provinces and territories. In order to effectively manage incoming claims, Isthmus selected i-Sight Case Management Software from Customer Expressions.


As a new company, Isthmus recognized right away that a unique system would be required to handle incoming claims. Some of the features sought after by Isthmus included:

  1. Web-based case management for easy access to the system from any location.
  2. A web site where clients could directly enter case information.
  3. A powerfully, insightful reporting tool

Not everyone is “tech-savvy,” therefore; users won’t use a system they can’t figure out. With this in mind, the team at Isthmus was on the lookout for a user-friendly system that could also handle the complexity of the business. Shane Frost, Client Relations at Isthmus stated:

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“We provide something intangible, so what we do can’t be a mystery. Keeping clients up to date on what we’re doing, with reporting, is very important.”


At i-Sight, we do our best to ensure that the different needs of each of our clients are met with a single case management solution. No one should ever have to compromise or invest in multiple solutions. Our team worked closely with Isthmus to understand their business processes, recommend functionality to compliment identifies processes and implement necessary customizations. Our team worked with Isthmus to ensure i-Sight fit with them, not the other way around. Frost said:

“Customer Expressions took time to learn about our company before we configured the software and along the way we never lost sight of that. We handed them a tremendous amount of requests and they always worked with us on each and every one of them.”

At Isthmus, the ability for clients to enter new cases from any location at any time was incredible important. As a web-based feature, i-Sight allows a shop floor supervisor or a client contact working late at home to easily enter new injuries or check on the status of current ones without needing anything installed on their computers- or waiting until the next work day.


Thanks to i-Sight, Isthmus can manage large case loads with a smaller team; a trend that’s common within many organizations today. Online case entry and reporting sets Isthmus apart from other workplace compensation management providers, giving the company an advantage over the competition.  i-Sight met all of the needs- simple, web-based case entry, quick reporting, flexibility and timely implementation of the case management software, for Isthmus. On a final note, Shane Frost from Isthmus stated:

“Customer Expressions got our configured case management software up and running very, very quickly. They acknowledged our objectives and really worked with us to deliver our vision.”

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