IIA 2015 – Success Pack

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Thank you for visiting us at IIA 2015

We really enjoyed speaking with you at the conference, as a reward for sticking around our booth here are a number of resources that will help you conduct better audit investigations! Download them all below.

Cheat Sheets

16 Ways to Identify Fictitious Vendors

Billing schemes are among the most common types of employee fraud. One of the most lucrative billing schemes involves the creation of fictitious vendors from whom the dishonest employee pretends to purchase goods or services and creates payments. This free cheat sheet offers 16 things to look for when trying to detect fictitious vendors when reviewing your organization’s accounts payable records.


Compliance Investigation Report Template

You spend a lot of time conducting a thorough compliance investigation – don’t ruin it with a poorly written investigation report. Download this free compliance investigation report template Word document that can be modified to match your organization’s terminologies and processes.


Detecting and Investigating Vendor Fraud

Watch Maribeth Vander Weele, investigation expert, former inspector general and founder of the Vander Weele Group; as she presents case studies, practical examples, and discussion to outline strategies for detecting and investigating vendor fraud.

Finding Fraud through Data Analytics

Data analysis provides an effective way for businesses to be proactive in the fight against corporate fraud. By identifying and investigating red flags in their data, companies can detect fraud much earlier and stop it before it results in significant losses.


Fighting Financial Statement Fraud

Financial statement fraud has contributed to some of the most dramatic failures in the history of the financial services industry and continues to wreak havoc on businesses large and small. Click below to learn more on how to stop and prevent this fraud from occurring in your workplace.

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