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Here are some interesting investigation and compliance tidbits I’ve gathered throughout the week:

Posted by Joe Gerard in on April 15th, 2011

Here are some interesting investigation and compliance tidbits I’ve gathered throughout the week:

“Notorious Nine” mistakes by employers in dealing with the EEOC

Robin E Shea, Employment & Labor Insider

Calling all employers! This article contains 9 tips to staying on the EEOC’s good side. Review this list of common mistakes and learn from them. The author of the article reminds employers not to retaliate against employees that complain to the EEOC and that it is possible for an employer to win an EEOC lawsuit.

15 (FCPA) Blogs Sites to Check Out on April 15

Tom Fox, FCPA Ethics and compliance Blog

Tom Fox blogs about all things FCPA – investigations, compliance, guidance, you name it. Tom released a list of his 15 favorite blogs, a list we are honored to be included on. I follow all of the blogs on his list as well, and recommend that you should too.

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Mom Knows Best for Johnson & Johnson

James McGrath, Internal Investigations Blog

McGrath writes about the recent fine Johnson & Johnson paid for violating the FCPA. McGrath discusses the reasons why J&J was rewarded 25% reduction in the fine handed down by the DOJ, as well as how companies can benefit from self-disclosing and investigating incidents right away.

Justice Department Provides More Guidance on FCPA Compliance

Michael Volkov, White Collar Defense & Compliance

New to the blogging scene, Volkov’s blog tackles corporate compliance and internal investigations issues. In this particular post, Volkov also talks about the J&J FCPA charges, focusing on the guidance issued by the DOJ. Volkov outlines the basic and enhanced compliance requirements issued by the DOJ – reminding companies that they should at least have the minimum requirements in place.

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