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Response times, evidence management, investigation interviews and reporting are critical factors of an investigation that must be properly managed.

Posted by Joe Gerard in on June 21st, 2010

Workplace investigations require a significant commitment of both time and money. As the costs of lawsuit settlements and fines approach record breaking levels, organizations are finally beginning to understand the importance of conducting high quality workplace investigations. Response times, evidence management, investigation interviews and reporting are critical factors of an investigation that must be properly managed. Spreadsheets and other “home grown” solutions for managing case loads can be ineffective, as they are often time consuming to develop and maintain, expensive and inflexible. “Home grown” solutions also make it difficult to integrate multiple business systems into a unified program.

Improved Investigations

i-Sight Investigation Software helps businesses and investigation teams overcome these barriers, standardizing the investigation and reporting processes. Standardizing these processes saves companies both time and money. As organizations face an increasing number of cases to investigate, i-Sight makes it possible to manage larger case loads while reducing the need to hire additional investigators. Here are 4 common issues investigation teams and HR departments can overcome when using i-Sight Investigation Software:

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1. Time

As mentioned above, spreadsheets and Access databases can become troublesome and time consuming when used for managing investigations. In the case of one of our clients, the existing Access database they implemented was slow and difficult to use. Reports became time consuming to put together, increasing the time it took to rectify allegations. i-Sight uses a drag and drop reporting tool, generating reports from information recorded in the case file throughout the investigation. A customized report template is created to meet the various needs of different organizations. Case information is pulled to fill in the fields in the template, and with the click of a button, the investigation report is ready to export.

Stricter federal guidelines place pressure on corporations to complete investigations within a specific time frame. i-Sight helps companies comply with these deadlines by:

  • Reducing the time spent creating reports.
  • Reducing redundant information entry within the case file- For example, i-Sight can be integrated with existing HR databases to pull employee or client information from the database into the case file. This saves investigators time as they no longer have to enter existing information into the case multiple times.
  • Using automatic alerts- Alerts are sent to investigation managers as new cases are entered. Cases are assigned immediately, reducing the time it takes an investigation to begin. Alerts can also be used to bring attention back to abandoned cases if they remain unattended to for a certain period of time. Alerts help investigators stay on track and follow the investigation timeline.

2. Maintenance

Federal, state and industry legislation are constantly being amended and developed. When there are changes in organizational structure, employees and company policies and procedures, it becomes difficult for “home grown” solutions to reflect these changes. Eventually, these solutions become outdated, as it requires too much effort to remain on top of maintaining the system. Another concern regarding system maintenance is the loss of system creator(s). What happens when their knowledge leaves the workplace? i-Sight is flexible and can be easily configured to reflect changes within an organization. i-Sight is easy to use and is maintained by our own team, alleviating the pressure of maintaining the system in-house. i-Sight is a flexible solution that can accommodate a wide variety of business processes and requirements.

3. Development Costs

i-Sight is web based investigation software.  Many of the companies we speak to are deciding between building a system themselves, buying on-premise software or using a hosted investigation software solution like i-Sight. We’ve been hosting software to manage customer complaints and investigations for more than 11 years.  More companies are now realizing that the total cost of ownership related to on-premise software includes much more than implementation and licensing fees. Companies using software as a service (SaaS) solutions have the ability to reduce hardware and data centre costs, IT support/ staffing, eliminate upgrade and maintenance fees and over the long-term their total cost of ownership is actually lower than on-premise software solutions.

When building a “home grown” solution, it can be difficult to secure time from the IT department. Ensuring the development of an investigation management solution is a priority of the IT department is hard to do. At i-Sight, we focus solely on building case management software. The ability to deploy a system in weeks/months instead years better corresponds to the needs of potential clients.

i-Sight Investigation Software is easy to use, requiring minimal training. This saves companies from investing in costly training programs and also opens up the opportunity for a greater number of investigators to use the system, as it can be used by those with very minimal technical knowledge.

4. Access

Traveling investigators find it hard to log into a secure, centralized system from remote locations. With i-Sight being a web-based solution, investigators can securely access cases from anywhere, as long as an Internet connection exists. This enables staff across a number of locations to access case files, removing barriers to investigation completion.

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