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Whiteboard Wednesday: Multi-Channel Case Entry

Employers need to consider making anonymous reporting methods available, as not everyone is comfortable confronting their boss about an issue they have in the workplace.

Posted by Joe Gerard on June 1st, 2011

Employees need options when it comes to reporting workplace misconduct. Employers need to consider making anonymous reporting methods available, as not everyone is comfortable confronting their boss about an issue they have in the workplace. But how do you manage incoming cases from multiple locations? How do you ensure that no case is left behind or forgotten about? We have a solution for that.

Case Entry Methods

With i-Sight Case Management Software, we have tried to make it as easy as possible to enter new cases from multiple points of contact into a single system. Here’s how:

Internal Intake Form: A decision tree type of form used by internal staff to input a case into a system. This method is often used when an employee chooses to go to their manager and report misconduct. Allegation information is used to complete the intake form. Once the form is filled out and saved, the case is entered into i-Sight.

External Intake Form: This type of form is often placed on a company intranet or external website page where employees complete the form themselves. Once they enter the necessary information and submit the form, a new case is created in i-Sight. This reporting method makes it possible for employees to report misconduct in an anonymous manner.

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It’s important to note that intake forms are built to meet your needs. We understand that different organizations use different terminologies and have different procedures for dealing with workplace misconduct – and we work with you to make sure that those differences are reflected in your intake forms. Another thing we have taken into consideration is the fact that different types of misconduct require different information to be submitted in order for an investigation to begin. For example, different questions need to be asked on an intake form for a data breach than for a workplace injury. Based on the decision tree model we use in our intake forms, your answers determine which fields are displayed on an intake form to ensure that investigators are provided with accurate, relevant information before investigating.

Email to Case: In some organizations, employees are encouraged to email in complaints or concerns to a designated email address. To make things simple for you, i-Sight can redirect emails sent to that address into i-Sight. The emails are automatically turned into case files and added to the new case file queue.

Integration: For those of you already using outsourced hotline providers, we can automatically gather the cases created by your provider and integrate them into i-Sight.

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

CEO, i-Sight

Spend my days showing off the i-Sight investigative case management software and finding ways to help clients improve their investigations. Usually working with corporate security, HR & employee relations, compliance and legal teams.

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