NAFCU 2015 –Success Pack

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Thank you for visiting us at NAFCU 2015

We really enjoyed speaking with you at the conference, as a reward for sticking around our booth here are a number of resources that will help you conduct better investigations! Download them all below.

Cheat Sheets

CFPB Compliance 101

With new requirements for financial service providers to comply with the regulations set out by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), those affected may be looking for guidance on policies and procedures. This cheat sheet is a primer for those looking for information to get started on the path to CFPB compliance.

Complaint Management System Evaluation

Complaints are one of the most important interactions with an organization’s customers. Ensuring that your customer complaint management system is thorough and responsive can be crucial to improving loyalty. This cheat sheet outlines 20 questions to help you plan an effective customer complaint resolution strategy.


Investigation Plan Template

A comprehensive investigation plan should be created before beginning a new investigation. It’s the best way to ensure the investigation stays on track and keeps everyone accountable and following a logical process. Use this detailed investigation plan template to ensure your next investigation starts off on the right foot.


Investigation Interview Techniques

Investigation interviews are a key source of information in an investigation. Our free eBook takes a look at the components of investigation interviews, as well as the skills that investigators need to demonstrate in order to conduct successful investigation interviews.


Finding Fraud Through Data Analytics

By identifying and investigating red flags in their data, companies can detect fraud much earlier and stop it before it results in significant losses. In this webinar recording, Maribeth Vander Weele, investigation expert, an Inspector General and founder of the Vander Weele Group LLC, outlines a plan for analyzing company data to root out internal fraud.

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