2015 NHCAA Anti-Fraud Expo – Success Pack

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Thank you for visiting us at the 2015 NHCAA Anti-Fraud Expo

We really enjoyed speaking with you at the conference, as a reward for sticking around our booth here are a number of resources that will help you conduct better investigations! Download them all below.

Cheat Sheets

Interrogation Dos and Don’ts

Interviewing an implicated person is different from interviewing witnesses, with different goals and techniques. This cheat sheet provides best practices for getting the information you need.


How to Write a Health Care Fraud Investigation Report

The laws and regulations related to health care fraud are more complicated, more technical and dynamic than in other types of fraud cases. And health care fraud cases often involve millions of dollars. For this reason, a health care fraud investigation report must be flawlessly rendered, leaving no doubt about the process undertaken, the evidence gathered and the conclusions reached.


Investigation Interview Techniques

Investigation interviews are a key source of information in an investigation. Our free eBook takes a look at the components of investigation interviews, as well as the skills that investigators need to demonstrate in order to conduct successful investigation interviews.


Conducting Anonymous Online Investigations

Gathering information about subjects in an investigation has never been easier, thanks to the proliferation of social networks and open source information. But in many cases, investigators need to keep their identities hidden while searching, and this isn’t always as easy.

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