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We really enjoyed speaking with you at the conference, as a reward for sticking around our booth here are a number of resources that will help you conduct better investigations! Download them all below.

Cheat Sheets

Using Social Media in Investigations

While social media can offer a wealth of information for investigators, one wrong move can render a key piece of evidence unusable. So how can investigators mine this incredibly rich resource without getting into hot water?


Investigation Plan Template

A comprehensive investigation plan should be created before beginning a new investigation. It’s the best way to ensure the investigation stays on track and keeps everyone accountable and following a logical process.


How to Gather Social Media Evidence

Social media evidence can be a valuable addition to an investigation, revealing the kind of information that, years ago, would have been difficult, if not impossible, to find. However, investigators need to be careful, as social media evidence needs to be gathered in a way that will hold up in court.


Upcoming: The Winter Method

Join Meric Bloch, investigator, author and speaker, on November 24th at 2pm ET as he presents his investigative framework, The Winter Method: A Business-Focused Approach to Workplace Investigations.

Detecting and Investigating Vendor Fraud

Watch Maribeth Vander Weele, investigation expert, former inspector general and founder of the Vander Weele Group; as she presents case studies, practical examples, and discussion to outline strategies for detecting and investigating vendor fraud..

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