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Watch Cynthia Thomas Calvert, an employment lawyer and nationally recognized expert on discrimination and accommodation, present a webinar to brief employers on the latest laws and rulings, including the Supreme Court’s ruling in Young v. UPS, and discuss what employers can do to stay out of the courtroom.


  • Common triggers of discrimination complaints
  • Pregnancy accommodation requirements
  • Light duty
  • Leave
  • Policy reviews
  • How to investigate and resolve complaints
  • Management best practices


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Webinar Presenter

Cynthia Calvert
Cynthia Calvert

Employment Lawyer, Founder and Principal of Workforce 21C

Cynthia Thomas Calvert, president of Workforce 21C, is an employment lawyer and a nationally-recognized expert in Family Responsibilities Discrimination law. Through training and consulting, she helps employers manage today’s evolving workforce, with an emphasis on advancing women, preventing discrimination based on family caregiving, gender, and pregnancy, reducing unconscious bias, implementing effective flexible work programs, and creating inclusive workplace cultures.

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