PRIMA 2015 – Success Pack

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Thank you for visiting us at PRIMA 2015

We really enjoyed speaking with you at the conference, as a reward for sticking around our booth here are a number of resources that will help you conduct better investigations! Download them all below.

Cheat Sheets

Detecting Deception

There are many theories about how deception can be detected. One of the more reliable methods for detecting deception during investigation interviews is to use language indicators.

Social Media Policy

Lawful social media policies stand up to scrutiny from the NLRB and can keep you out of trouble. This cheat sheet examines 8 things you should consider when putting together a social media policy for your workplace.


Incident Report Template Pack

Use our template to report injuries, environmental incidents, security incidents and general workplace incidents.


The Importance of Documenting Incidents and Investigations

Some people believe that keeping records of workplace incidents and investigations leads to greater risk. That’s a big mistake. In fact, not documenting incidents and investigations properly can lead to huge risk.


Investigation Interview Techniques

Investigation interviews are a key source of information in an investigation. Our free eBook takes a look at the components of investigation interviews, as well as the skills that investigators need to demonstrate in order to conduct successful investigation interviews.


How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Investigation Mistakes

Watch employment attorney Allison West, Esq., SPHR, investigator, trainer and founder of Employment Practices Specialists, discussing the 10 biggest mistakes made in investigations.

10 Things to Include in Every Social Media Policy

Watch Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP, and President at ITM Group, as she shares 10 things to include in every social media policy.

Investigation Resources Library

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