Social Media and the Call for Increased Transparency

When confronting social power, you might as well jump in with both feet, because you just can’t hide.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Article on September 13th, 2011
Social media forces brands to become more transparent and open. Social media makes it difficult to hide from problems, so you might as well be upfront and address issues as they arise. A Forbes article by David Kirkpatrick talks about the new world of business and impact of social media:

When confronting social power, you might as well jump in with both feet, because you just can’t hide. “One common mistake of old-school companies is to ban social media across the company,” says Clara Shih, CEO of HearsaySocial, whose software helps businesses, mostly consumer brands, manage their social media. “But at least inAmericaour job is such an important part of our identity that most people want to talk about it. Passionate employees are going to talk about the brand and the company on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.” When her clients defend lock-down policies against social media, claiming they’ve successfully kept employees offline, Shih unleashes Hearsay’s “rogue page finder.” For one big company it recently turned up 60,000 different social media pages where employees mentioned or discussed company matters. (Not to mention the thousands of employee profiles on LinkedIn.) Hearsay’s tools presume something elemental in a world of social power: that the empowerment of employees is directly tied to the empowerment of customers—because they will inevitably end up working, maybe even conspiring, together.

There’s a lot more to the article, so I encourage you to click on the link below to read it in full.

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