A More Strategic Role for Human Resources

Human resources plays a strategic role in any organization.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Article on May 4th, 2011
Human resources plays a strategic role in any organization. In a Calgary Herald article by Derek Sankey, he discusses the transition the HR is currently undergoing. Sankey writes that HR is playing a larger role when it comes to business strategy and finally spending more time working with top level leadership. In the article, Sankey lists some of the reasons for the increase in involvement of HR, which include tight privacy regulations and employment law. The article discusses the evolution of the HR practitioner role and why these changes are necessary in today’s business landscape. Compliance with laws and regulations is necessary, and a lot of these laws are aimed directly at the HR function.

In the article “HR Role Taking on More Importance,” Sankey interviewed the president of the Human Resources Association of Calgary (HRAC), who stated:

“”The role of HR has changed from being a transactional, personnel role to one of more strategic, higher-level importance within an organization,” says Wayne Thomas, president of HRAC. HR practitioners are having a seat at the table now, being invited as one of the strategic members of the senior leadership team.”

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