The Importance of Avoiding Bitter Break Ups With Your Employees

Sometimes relationships just have to end – even the ones with your employees.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Article on November 7th, 2011
Whether it’s you or the employee who initiates the break up, the situation needs to be handled professionally. An Inc. article by Dave Balter discusses the importance of properly breaking up with an employee:

Now, more than ever, departing employees should be treated with care and respect.  When they leave, bosses should thank them for their time and their contributions. In fact, a company’s relationship with corporate alums should be fostered, beginning at the moment that you decide to stop working together. It doesn’t matter who makes that decision. If handled appropriately, relationships with former employees can be a source of immense, incredible benefits for both parties.

In the article, Balter goes on to list three reasons why it’s important to stay connected to employees who’ve departed your organization:

  1. We are infinitely connected in a social world. 
  2. Former employees provide invaluable perspective.
  3. Monogamy in corporate America is dead.

Click on the link below to find out why each of these three points are becoming increasingly important.

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