There’s No Room for Age Discrimination in the Workplace

An employee should never be treated differently because of their age.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Article on September 8th, 2011
Age discrimination has a negative impact on the workplace. An employee should never be treated differently because of their age. An article on uses the Diaz v. Jiten Hotel Management, Inc case to demonstrate how not to treat older workers. Here are some of the allegations that were outlined in the article:

Lois’ relationship with her manager grew worse. He called her as an “old shoe,” “old pumpkin” and “old hanky.” He repeatedly asked when she planned on retiring and told her she was getting old. When Lois hired a 52-year old laundry worker, her manager told her she was going to turn the hotel into a “nursing home.” Another manager told Lois that management thought “old people should remain home.”

Jiten eventually fired Lois, asserting that she had made racist remarks. However, Lois was not involved in the investigation of these claims, and letters from employees making the allegations were all dated after Lois was fired. Some of these employees stated they were forced to sign the letters.

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