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Web Based Investigation Software - ROI of SaaS vs. On-Premise

i-Sight is web based investigation software for more effective case management and reporting.

Posted by Joe Gerard on February 5th, 2010

i-Sight is web based investigation software for more effective case management and reporting. Many of the companies we speak to are trying to decide between building a system, buying on-premise software or using a hosted investigation software solution like i-Sight.

We’ve been hosting software to manage customer complaints and investigations for more than 20 years and the attitudes towards SaaS solutions have changed dramatically over that time. More companies now realize that the Total Cost of Ownership related to on-premise software includes much more than implementation and licensing fees.

In Forrester Research’s report, The ROI of Software-As-A-Service, they describe the generally accepted benefits of the SaaS model, but they also highlight a couple of key difference makers in determining ROI for a given application type.

According to Forrester, it comes down to ease-of-use, which means companies can spend less on training and will achieve higher user adoption rates.  Higher adoption rates lead to greater ROI.  We speak to companies who don’t like the idea of a recurring fee, however, Forrester points out that for many application types the SaaS model leads to lower TCO over the long-term. Companies using SaaS solutions are able to reduce hardware and data centre costs, IT support/staffing, eliminate upgrade and maintenance fees and over the long-term their total cost of ownership is actually lower than on-premise software solutions.

The SaaS advantage

On-premise software is more expensive to deploy and maintain than SaaS solutions.  SaaS solutions like the i-Sight Investigation Software eliminate capital expenditures; reduce IT personnel costs associated with implementation and ongoing support and enable businesses to pay-as-you-go.  Most traditional software involves a very large upfront license fee and annual maintenance costs that generally exceed 20 percent of the original license fee. i-Sight eliminates this upfront cost, enabling a business to quickly realize a return on investment.

On-Premise Disadvantages

  • Long & complex implementation cycle (typically 12-18 months)
  • Hardware & infrastructure costs + replacement costs
  • Scarce availability of  technical resources
  • Ongoing cost of technical personnel
  • Large upfront license fees
  • High recurring costs of annual maintenance fees
  • Long testing cycles
  • Re-implementation cost in 3-5 years

SaaS Advantages

  • Rapid Deployment (typically under 2 months)
  • Low upfront investment
  • No 3rd party tools, modules to purchase
  • Faster Time-to-Value

Web-based software is safer

With i-Sight your data is backed-up daily and stored in our state-of-the-art data centers on secure, always-updated enterprise-level servers.

When companies use installed software, employees store information on their work computers, laptops and USB drives, which can crash, be stolen and are sometimes not updated with the latest security solutions.

Everything is together in one place

You can’t leave information in the wrong place or on the wrong machine. All of your data is stored in one place and accessible from any computer, any time. Your data is password protected, secure and encrypted.

Your data is automatically backed up daily

All your data is backed up every day. By storing backups in multiple locations we can ensure data is never lost. We run regular restoration tests to ensure that in the event backups are needed we can quickly get you back up and running.  Since our first day in business, over ten years ago, we have never lost any data.

Your data is safe and secure

Our world-class data center has 24-hour guard protection, biometric locks, server access is always chaperoned and video surveillance is effective 24 hours per day. We update our software and hardware regularly and use the latest security patches. Our enterprise-class firewalls keep your data safe.

There’s nothing to install – ever

You already have everything you need to start using i-Sight today. There is nothing you need to download or install on your computer or network.  Just like your banking site, you simply log in to i-Sight using your web-browser.

Everything is “compatible”

Traditional software requires that you have the matching operating system or that your IT group support the software “platform” it’s built upon.  Because i-Sight is hosted, web-based software it works on any platform with a web browser and an Internet connection.

Work from home, or work on the road

With i-Sight, your office is everywhere.  You can access all your case information from work, home, the road or a hotel room.

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

CEO, i-Sight

Spend my days showing off the i-Sight investigative case management software and finding ways to help clients improve their investigations. Usually working with corporate security, HR & employee relations, compliance and legal teams.

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